Travelling in Mexico: What to See in Two Weeks in Mexico?

Let’s go Mexico…
Two weeks is barely enough time to get to know Mexico but you can certainly give it a shot. It’s a big place and there’s plenty to see so you’re better off making an itinerary that includes plenty of relaxation (you’ll be on vacation after all) and sightseeing.

Depending on what you want to […]

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Exploring with Guided Excursions

When you decide where to go on holiday, this can be a decision fraught with choices, and it’s easy to get yourself stressed trying to pick between your short-list of resorts! For me, it would always come down to choosing a resort that had plentiful scope for getting out and about, as well as plenty […]

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What’s the weather like in Miami?

Miami Weather Defences
Miami is just one of those places where nothing seems to make sense. The residents are beautiful, the visitors are beautiful and the weather for a good chunk of the year is terrific! You can’t beat the Miami scene on the whole. But like the wildfires in Northern California and the earthquakes in […]

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Golf in Australia – The Lowdown on Golfing Down Under

Golfing in the Great Outdoors of Australia
Golf is a sport best experienced in person, a televised experience just doesn’t cut it; so how about heading down under for a golfing sojourn, after all you’re bound to have the weather on your side!

Australia is home to some of the best golf greens the world has to offer, […]

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Planning for a Trans-Siberian Train Journey

The Ultimate Train Journey
All aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway…
Here’s an action-packed post from one traveler to another, full of travel tips and points of interest along the way during your trans-Siberian train tour!

Image by Damian Bere via Flickr

 I had a blast when I did one of the Trans-Siberian railway tours, and after doing it 4 times I […]

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Bubble Hotels – Bursting onto the Scene

Never mind the bricks and mortar…
Conventional hotels are getting a little run of the mill these days. We’re not just talking about boutique, elaborate spa ridden luxury either. The diversity and variation of ‘very’ alternative places to stay these days is fascinating. You name it, you can sleep in it; converted lighthouses, prisons, wild west […]

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48 Hours in Brussels, Belgium

A Weekend in Brussels

It is easy to get lost in Brussels for days, weeks, even years. From delicious food, to incredible architecture, to somewhat strange landmarks, you will never be bored in this magical city. However, if you are like me, sometimes you just don’t have a whole week. Here are some tips for those […]

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The Wonders of China – Getting Your Itinerary Right

Choosing Your China Tour Itinerary
If you are thinking of visiting China, then keep in mind that it is a vast country, with lots of things to see and do…

Image by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

If you look on a map of the world, then you will see that China is a massive country, covering a very […]

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3 Cool Things to do in Indianapolis

Three Totally Cool & Unexpected Delights in Indianapolis
One of the benefits of living in a global society is having the ability to hop a jet and be literally anywhere on earth within a matter of hours. Those traveling to Indianapolis from abroad, or even from some other place in the US, probably know about the […]

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How Indigenous Medical Knowledge Is Helping Western Medicine

There is no doubt that western medicine has made numerous leaps and bounds over the last hundred years, facilitating the effective treatment of a wide range of serious illnesses. In the ongoing search for new and better medicines, there is an increasing focus being placed upon traditional medicine. Such knowledge is dwindling at an alarming […]

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