The Wild Side of Florida – More than Mickey Mouse

Natural Holidays in Florida
Orlando is known around the globe as the capital of all things Disney and home to sixteen world-class theme parks packed with pulsating rollercoasters, real-life cartoon characters and enough stimuli to feed a child’s imagination until adulthood… […]

Starting a Business Abroad: Tips for Success


There are numerous advantages to establishing an overseas business, including a greater exposure to your product or service, the chance to venture into untapped markets, the opportunity to profit from the exchange rate, and the ability to rejuvenate your business. […]

7 Must-see Museums to Visit in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands has a beautiful city-centre with a rich history. Some of the buildings date back to the Dutch Golden Age, in the 17th century. There’s so much more to the city then coffeeshops and the Red […]

10 Ways To Stay Cool In The Hottest Countries 

Staying Cool In The Heat
Travelling should be fun, but when you are confronted with extremes heats things can become tedious really quickly. Here are 10 tips to help you keep your cool.

For many of us, a trip abroad means one […]

Clothes for Backpacking – Is this the perfect hoodie?

The Perfect Hoodie for Backpackers?
Ever get a crook neck when trying to sleep on a long distance bus journey? Well, how cool would it be to have a pillow embedded in a hoodie hood?! The team at BauBax have designed […]

6 Must See Cities To Visit in China

Exploring China…
When it comes to exploring China, the choices of cities to visit are overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for the best shopping, most interesting historical sites, or an up-close experience with a panda, these are the top cities in China […]

The Healthy Festival Goers Guide

Staying Healthy At Festivals
We’ve all heard the saying “summer bodies are made in the winter”, but what happens when the summer finally arrives? Chances are we go to a festival and all of our hard work goes out of the […]

The Routine is the Enemy of Time – Travel Video by Jedidiah Jenkins

If you ever needed a rationale as to why you should travel, or ever wondered why some travellers embark on the most extrordinary life changing journeys then you should invest 4 minutes of your life and watch this video. It […]

Travelling in Mexico: What to See in Two Weeks in Mexico?

Let’s go Mexico…
Two weeks is barely enough time to get to know Mexico but you can certainly give it a shot. It’s a big place and there’s plenty to see so you’re better off making an itinerary that includes plenty […]

Exploring with Guided Excursions

When you decide where to go on holiday, this can be a decision fraught with choices, and it’s easy to get yourself stressed trying to pick between your short-list of resorts! For me, it would always come down to choosing […]