5 Must Visit UK Pubs

Pubs are a British staple and if you think all pubs were created equal then think again! Good pubs are full of good food, reverie and a happy crowd (and of course, a friendly bartender and some entertainment doesn’t go unnoticed either!). We have selected a few of our must visit UK pubs to help you navigate your way to some excellent UK pubs.

Maid of Muswell, Muswell Hill, London

Maid of Muswell, Muswell Hill, London

 1.)  Maid of Muswell, Muswell Hill, London

Maid of Muswell is recognizable by the giant plastic cow that adorns it’s front porch. What’s great about this pub is that they have somehow managed to create a lovely warm, welcoming atmosphere in spite of the small size and local location. Food is nice and comes fast, but the best thing is the very large selection of beers on offer, most notably a large selection of fruit beers, real ales and cast ales. A great hangout if ever there was one

2.)  Paradise, Kensal Green, London

Paradise is a famous Gastro Pub around West London, mainly for it’s entertainment and beauty. Exceptionally upper class and very clean and nice, the food is your normal, average pub food and your drinks your average pub drinks – except for on Sundays where you will get a Sunday Lunch worthy of a king. What sets this pub apart from the rest the beautiful décor and comedy nights. Downstairs you can just as easily have tea in a nice china cup as you can a good pint of John Smiths, but upstairs you have a lovely outdoor balcony, complete with heat lamps, pretty furniture and plant life. A short step away the upstairs bar where, for only £5 per head, you can watch live stand-up comedy with regular famous faces coming to do a skit. Highly recommended.

The Cove, Covent Garden

The Cove, Covent Garden

3.)  The Cove, Covent Garden

The Cove in Convent Garden is best known for its savory pasties, but an evening out touring London would not be complete without a G&T on the balcony. Yorkshire Pasties in hand, and drink in the other, if you are lucky enough to get a seat on the balcony around lunch time or dinner time you get to watch street performers below giving you the best of London street action, all from the warmth, heat and food of the upstairs area of this lovely, tiny central London pub.  As well as the great evening meals this pub offers one of the best London breakfasts.

4.)  The Olde Mitre Pub, Clerkenwell, London

Small, cosy and hidden away from the hustle and bustle of London’s main streets, this pub is great for it’s adherence to true historic pub culture leaving TV’s, Arcades and anything with bright lights and noise outside. Old fashioned looks and appearance, the hidden and difficult to find nature makes it a pleasant secret, where you can cosy up with friends and forget where you are.

Gordons Wine Bar, London

Gordons Wine Bar, London

5.)  Gordons Wine Bar, London

OK, so strictly speaking this is a wine bar, but it made our top pubs lists because it services everything that a pub does but with a twist. What makes Gordons so special is that it is the oldest drinking establishment in London and remains unchanged to this day. Walk in, and you will have walked hundreds of years back in history: candlelit coves, low ceilings and ancient feeling tables, this place is a true treat for any drinking fan.

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