Explore France’s Ski Ranges

The ski ranges to be found in France are some of the most famous and renowned ski locations in the world. Avid ski enthusiasts travel from all over the world to sample the pistes of the Pyrenees and French Alps which both offer a variety of scenic and adrenaline-inducing runs for both amateurs and pro skiers.

There are companies that are specifically here to help you organise school skiing trip to France with a selection of locations to choose from that not only offer amazing ski runs but also offer your students a range of off-piste and cultural experiences that they will never forget. By planning your ski trip through Ski Adaptable you will be ensuring that you and your students get the most out of your trip and remain comfortable and safe throughout your ski adventure in France.

Skiing in France

Exceptional skiing in France

The French Alps are most probably the most famous skiing destination in the world. With a variety of ski resorts nestled in the breath-taking expanse of this range of mountains, there are many different places to choose to stay which all offer ski runs to suit any level of experience. When booking a ski trip for your school you will need to ensure that there is something for everyone and the French Alps truly offers this with the options of beginner runs or more difficult red, blue and black runs for the more experienced skier.

Pyrenees Skiing

The Pyrenees mountain range forms a natural border between France and Spain, with a Basque-speaking region to the west and a Catalan-speaking Mediterranean side to the east. Nestled in the middle are vast snowy mountains with an array of ski resorts, catering for all tastes and levels of experience. With two wildly different regions on either side, the Pyrenees offers a hugely different experience for school skiing trips. The Pyrenees is also home to one of the most modern ski lift systems which connect many of the different runs and resorts allowing skiers to take their pick of a variety of exciting and challenging runs.

France has much more to offer school trips

When taking students on a ski trip, you must plan ahead to ensure that they don’t get bored when off-piste and in the evenings. Any school trip should also include educational aspects too of course. France is the perfect location for a school ski trip as it offers such exceptional and unique cultural learning experiences. France is renowned all over the world for art, music, culture and food; all of which your students can sample and experience while on their ski trip with Ski Adaptable.

Ski Adaptable can also arrange for some fun-filled activities to keep your students occupied when not out enjoying France’s unique ski runs. Many resorts offer the chance to sample activities such as tobogganing, discos, bowling and many have their own swimming pools. You can even arrange to have an awards ceremony during your trip to make it even more memorable for your students. Ski Adaptable will be more than happy to arrange a variety of off-piste activities for your students to enjoy.

The perfect destination for your school ski trip

France has so much to offer both in exemplar ski destinations and in educational possibilities. It makes for the ideal destination for your school ski trip and what’s more, it is easy and simple to travel to with students. A short flight or simple coach journey away, travelling to France with students couldn’t be simpler. Ski Adaptable will take care of all your travel arrangements and ensure that you and your students arrive safely.

France really does have it all for your school ski trip; guaranteed snow, out of this world ski runs and plenty to keep you and your students entertained when off-piste. Book your ski trip to France today and start planning your school skiing adventure with Ski Adaptable.