Spend securely in the sunshine with Escape currency card

Introducing Escape Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard® currency card – a safe and convenient way to carry money abroad.

The Escape Travel Card allows you to load up on holiday money before you head abroad, can be topped up on the move, and can be used just like a debit or credit card – but without the hefty charges.

Escape Travel Card hi res

The Escape Travel Card is free to buy if loading more than £100, free to make purchases abroad and offers free ATM withdrawals over £100*. Offering competitive foreign exchange rates, Escape can be used anywhere in the world, wherever MasterCard is accepted and is a simple, secure and cost-effective way to manage your spending money while abroad.

You won’t pay a fee for using the card overseas – if your bill is 50 Euros you will pay 50 Euros on your Escape Travel Card. Unlike many other currency cards, Escape is loaded with GBP and conversion is done at the point of use, no matter where you are in the world. This provides a much more flexible solution as the card can be used in multiple destinations, on the same trip or future holidays, without the need to pay to re-convert currencies. This can promise competitive foreign exchange rates for multi-stop trips, cruises, or for travelling between countries.

A key differentiator to other currency cards is Escape’s unique eccount – a secure online account from which to manage your spends. Here you can view your balance and statements, top up your account by debit or credit card, retrieve your PIN, update personal details, request additional cards, distribute funds among companion / family cards and most importantly, transfer monies on your card back into the account in the event of loss or theft of the card.

Whereas the majority of prepaid currency cards see funds held on them directly, meaning that if the card is lost or stolen the funds are taken with the card, Escape’s eccount offers increased security, allowing cardholders to transfer the balance on their card back to the eccount, keeping their spends safe. In such circumstances, Escape can arrange for funds to be sent to a Moneygram outlet near you, meaning you will never be stranded without access to your money. In addition, Escape offers a 24/7 helpline for immediate support.

Another great benefit of Escape is its free SMS service, which can be used to temporarily lock and unlock the card, providing peace of mind if you’re going for a swim and leaving your card in your bag, for example. The text facility also allows you to quickly check your balance and easily move money from your eccount to your card, and vice versa.

With security very much at the fore front, the Escape Travel Card contains no links to personal bank information and all transactions are Chip and PIN protected.

The Escape website features a handy currency calculator which is updated daily. Just choose your destination and enter the amount to be spent and it calculates how much will be debited from your card (in GBP).

For convenience, companion and family cards are also available, linked to the same eccount, allowing you to share money seamlessly and quickly among the cards giving different members of your group access to funds – great for parents with children traveling separately to them. Or it can provide additional security by keeping a spare card in the safe.

Escape is a convenient and safe alternative to carrying cash abroad and cardholders can use the card to make purchases in shops, bars and restaurants, online or over the phone for free. Additionally, you can spend unused currency back in the UK or re-use the card on future trips, as the card is valid for three years.

Joanne Briggs from Escape Travel Card says: “Our Escape Travel Card is asimple, secure and cost-effective way to manage spending money while abroad.You can quickly and easily load your funds onto the card and feel safe in the knowledge that if your card is lost or stolen, it will be replaced without any loss of money**. It’s definitely worth adding an Escape card to the holiday packing list this summer.”

*When you use your Prepaid Card at an ATM in the UK, you may be subject to applicable fees, surcharge rules and regulations of the relevant ATM operator, or other financial institution or association. You should be advised before you confirm the transaction.

** Replacement cards are £5.

To find out more or to sign up for an Escape Travel card visit www.escapetravelcard.com.