Africa is a continent like no other. From the arab influenced northern countries in the north (such as Morocco, Algeria and Egypt) through the tropical centre complete with pristine rainforest and home to countless flora and fauna and down to the temperate south, characterised by the varied landscape of South Africa where vines produce some of the finest wines in the world…

Tips for Backpackers Visiting Johannesburg

Johannesburg, or Joburg, is the second largest city in Africa, and offers a completely unique backpacking experience. With a diverse culture, world-class night-life and entertainment, tempting cuisine and plenty of adventure, it certainly makes for a memorable trip.

 Planning ahead

To make […]

The World Cup in South Africa 2010


Just a quick post to let off some steam about the world cup in South Africa. I dont mean from an English perspective because the team was purely terrible but rather the traditional minnows of world football who have exceeded […]

Rumours of a football competition involving the whole world taking place in South Africa 2010

I’ve not been to many places in Africa but it does intrigue me. Of course, it’s possible to travel independently in Africa but I wouldnt know where to start. I think going overland from Morocco (crossing from Gibraltar) and somehow […]