Cyprus – Cats vs Snakes and a Holiday Paradise Infographic

Any UK tourist who is planning a holiday on continental Europe has a vast number of
exciting destinations to choose from. Whether he or she is in the mood for a voyage
of discovery or simply a chance to relax under a warm sun, it’s not always easy to
make a decision, purely because the selection is such a wide one. In recent years, the
Mediterranean island of Cyprus has become a popular choice, and it’s not difficult to see

Cypriots are, by their very nature, friendly and welcoming, and are especially proud of their
beautiful homeland. They are also usually very keen to point out some of the more quirky
aspects of Cyprus, and the many myths and legends that make it so unique. One of the most
intriguing ones concerns Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, who is said to have emerged
fully formed from the sea close to the city of Paphos.

Many people in Cyprus revere the cat, because this domestic pet is said to have been
introduced to the island to control the local snake population. Legend says that Emperor
Constantine’s mother Helena, who died in the year 330AD, introduced cats to help save
Cyprus from being over-run. Thanks to the ease of booking flights to
online, many Britons are using the web to find some truly amazing travel

Cyprus Stats & Facts Infographic

Cyprus Stats & Facts Infographic

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