3 Things You Shouldn’t Forget Before You Travel To Australia

Super excited about your trip Down Under? You should be, it’s such a fab country to visit! However, there are a few things you need to organize and arrange before you leave on your travels. They aren’t too tricky to sort out, but if you forget about them, they could spoil your entire vacation. So […]

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Aussie Quiz – How Much Do You Really Know About the Land Down Under?

There are many stereotypes which surround Australia, some of which are a little closer to life Down Under than others. Is it really a land of sunny beaches, barbeques every day, and kangaroos hopping around everywhere?

Austravel set out to find out how accurate the average UK citizen’s perception of the country actually is, and whether an […]

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Golf in Australia – The Lowdown on Golfing Down Under

Golfing in the Great Outdoors of Australia
Golf is a sport best experienced in person, a televised experience just doesn’t cut it; so how about heading down under for a golfing sojourn, after all you’re bound to have the weather on your side!

Australia is home to some of the best golf greens the world has to offer, […]

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The Top 10 Countries to Live In

We all dream of moving away to far off destinations in search of our ideal lives. Whether that be a better work life balance, better pay or just the chance to give our children a better upbringing. The grass always seems greener on the other side.

But what do the other countries really do better than Britain?


The […]

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Spending Christmas Travelling Abroad – Weird, Cool or Riddled with Homesickness?

A guest post contribution from writer, Kayleigh Herbertson….

If you’re travelling during the winter period, especially over Christmas and New Year then you have the potential to experience a huge seasonal event in an entirely different culture. This can create feelings of home-sickness for many but it’s also an amazing opportunity to experience the traditions far […]

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Gap Year Travel for Graduates – boost your career

It’s that time of year again. University students all over the country are about to face their biggest wake up call to date. As the end of term approaches the realisation will set in that mornings do exist, daytime television is actually appalling and student debt has become a reality.

The next step for graduates is […]

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Visiting Australia

Australia is a fantastic country to visit and for most Europeans it can be an expensive journey. The flights are the epitome of long haul and also command a pretty penny, so if you go to visit this part of the world, it may be worth staying there for up to a month.
Despite being one […]

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Backpacking Interview with Australia’s Travel Tart

What are the 3 most important things in your backpack?
The backpack itself, my camera and my remote controlled fart machine. Actually, not the last one, because the fart machine looks like a remote controlled explosive device, and I’m not game enough to try and send that through the airport detectors.

What do you never travel […]

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Part 2 – South American Snippets – killing time bazooka

Part 2  of “South American Snippets” – these are a series of sketched cartoons from my travels around South America.

(read the full transcript on the South American Snippets homepage)

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