6 Must See Cities To Visit in China

Exploring China…
When it comes to exploring China, the choices of cities to visit are overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for the best shopping, most interesting historical sites, or an up-close experience with a panda, these are the top cities in China that you shouldn’t miss.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong was once a crucial port for Eastern trade. Today, […]

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The Wonders of China – Getting Your Itinerary Right

Choosing Your China Tour Itinerary
If you are thinking of visiting China, then keep in mind that it is a vast country, with lots of things to see and do…

Image by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

If you look on a map of the world, then you will see that China is a massive country, covering a very […]

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Getting a TEFL Job Overseas – it’s not education, it’s globocation!

As a follow up from an earlier globocation post concerning that minefield of choice students face when they graduate, I thought I’d write another piece, specifically about teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and why it’s such a cool thing to do when you’re abroad.

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Longest Walk Beijing to Germany watch the beard grow

Check out this fella’s beard growth as he walks from Germany to Beijing. Quite a long way.


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