An Egyptian Oasis: Discover the Bedouin Mystery

Oases have historically provided respite and a resting place for travelling caravans of Bedouin people in Egypt. The Oases of Egypt rise out of the arid desert, like lush and verdant miracles. They have attracted curious travellers and Egyptians since Pharaonic times. Each one has a unique character and ambience all its own.

When planning your […]

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10 Beautiful Red Sea Hotels

10 Beautiful Red Sea Hotels

Visiting Egypt is always a treat and many people return as often as possible. Aside from the fabulous antiquities, pyramids and markets there is the glorious Red Sea: warm, crystal clear water, abundant marine life flitting through the vibrant coral and soft white sandy beaches where you can relax and enjoy […]

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More to Egypt than Pyramids – Introducing Abu Simbel

The pyramids are usually the first thing that comes to mind when picturing Egypt. Stunning as they are, right in the midst of heaving Cairo and teeming with touts the magic can be a little lost by the time you even make it through the gates.

Abu Simbel on the other hand, rising from the banks […]

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Top 10 Tips for Holidaymakers Haggling in Egyptian Markets

Haggling in Egypt is as much a natural way of life as waiting for your change in the UK.But it can be intimidating to a first time visitor on their Egypt holiday. You might be tempted to avoid the ritual altogether and lose the difference in the price you would be saving, however to do […]

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