Top 3 Things To Do When You Visit Blackpool

Blackpool has been one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations for generations. The area attracts millions of tourists every year, and there are plenty of things to keep them occupied. People who’ve never visited Blackpool before are in for a real treat. Not only can you enjoy the clean and beautiful beaches, but there […]

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A Feast of Family Fun in Cornwall – Top 5 Suggestions

If the thought of flying out to the Mediterranean this summer with kids in tow plies you with anxiety and stress then consider Cornwall. You can pack your own car to the brim (no silly Ryanair weight restrictions to contend with) and even put on a roof rack or hire a trailer for a week […]

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4 Sound Places to Eat Breakfast in Manchester, When You’re Hank Marvin

 Whether you need a quick post-drinking-session fix, or want to indulge yourself in some five star luxury, Manchester has it all. Here are four great places to take your time and soak up some of the local culture over breakfast and coffee, or champagne. Let’s go!

The Full Sha-bang at Cafe North

If you find yourself looking […]

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An American Teacher’s View of the English in England

Sarah Fudin currently works in community relations for the University of Southern California’s Master of Arts in Teaching program, which provides aspiring teachers the opportunity to earn a teaching credential and online teaching degree.  Outside of work Sarah enjoys running, reading and Pinkberry frozen yogurt.

When I first went abroad to teach physical education in England, […]

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Festival of the Strange – the UK has Something for Everyone!

Are you sat wondering how you’re going to spend the holidays this year? The United Kingdom may make your list to see some of the history, wonderful coastline or stunning Lake District – but what about things out of the ordinary?

The Shetland Islands has just seen the Helly Aa Viking Festival take over the unique […]

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Rumours of a football competition involving the whole world taking place in South Africa 2010

I’ve not been to many places in Africa but it does intrigue me. Of course, it’s possible to travel independently in Africa but I wouldnt know where to start. I think going overland from Morocco (crossing from Gibraltar) and somehow getting all the way down to Cape Town would be a phenomenal journey. I’m guessing […]

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