Three Reasons To See Florence

The Tuscan city of Florence is one of the gems of Italy and it’s no surprise that thousands of tourists flock to the city every year. Florence boasts a unique mix of art and top cuisine, with some simply stunning architecture thrown into the mix as well. For these reasons, Florence is a top European […]

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Witnessing the Glory of the Mille Miglia

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The Mille Miglia was a race of legendary proportions, one that saw some of the world’s most desirable cars take on 1,000 miles of Italy’s finest roads, towns and countryside. However, the Mille Miglia is a very different beast these days, one far removed from the dangers of the fatal races from […]

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Top 7 ‚Splendido‘ Destinations of Italy

Top 7 ‚Splendido‘ Destinations of Italy
Italy – the boot shaped country famous for its pizza, pasta, fast cars and fashion has always been a desirable tourist destination for travellers all over the world. But which are the best places to visit? If you are interested in history, art, fashion or culture, you are sure to […]

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Top 5 Famous Hotels Used in Movies

Top 5 Famous Hotels Used in Movies

Movies are shot all over the world, and hotels often form the backdrop, or even play a starring role, in various scenes from world-famous classics. If you’ve ever wanted to stay in the hotel in which your favourite movie was filmed, this guide to the top 5 famous hotels […]

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