Traveling the World – Top Choice with Lottery Winners

Winning the lottery is probably a fantasy we all have. Just thinking about holding a winning ticket in our hands makes us imagine the endless possibilities that come with huge amounts of money. While winning odds might seem impossible to beat, for some lucky few the dream of winning the lottery actually comes true. Here […]

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The Wild Side of Florida – More than Mickey Mouse

Natural Holidays in Florida
Orlando is known around the globe as the capital of all things Disney and home to sixteen world-class theme parks packed with pulsating rollercoasters, real-life cartoon characters and enough stimuli to feed a child’s imagination until adulthood… but let’s forget about Mickey and the “Theme Park Capital of the World” for a […]

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5 Unique Opportunities For Wildlife-Related Volunteering In Florida

Florida: where vacationers galore find pristine sandy beaches, Mickey Mouse, and raucous spring break parties every year. While this describes the Florida many people know, Florida has a different side, too – a wild side, a natural side.

Florida is home to a wealth of wildlife and eco-systems not found anywhere else in the United States. […]

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The Best of Florida – Amelia Island, Castillo de San Marcos & Disney!

Florida has been one of the greatest destinations for both tourists and retired individuals alike for some time, and the great weather and excellent attractions continues to bring in tourists by the planeload. From its beaches to other distinctive tourist attractions, Florida has a variety of different options for anyone to choose from, providing memories […]

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The Best Places To Sun It Up At Christmas

Holidays at Christmas for some people are common-place, but everybody has a slightly different view as to what makes a festive break perfect. For some, it is hiring a ski lodge in the Alps, whereas others believe it should be spent in a pleasantly warm environment.
The latter of those options is perhaps an unconventional choice, […]

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What to Expect From Holidays in Florida

Florida has perhaps the largest, most varied and most impressive array of tourist attractions of any state in America. For families the main draws include SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World Resort. All of which are genuinely amazing places to visit and are the result of decades of endeavour in establishing just what families […]

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