PART 2 – The Most Famous Landmarks & Tourist Attractions of the 32 FIFA World Cup Nations

Welcome to Part 2 of Our Traveller’s Guide Through the FIFA 2014 World Cup Countries
And now for groups E to H….
















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PART 1 – The Most Famous Landmarks & Tourist Attractions of the 32 FIFA World Cup Nations

A Traveller’s Guide Through The Countries of the 2014  FIFA World Cup
Brazil – Christ The Redeemer, Rio
What a glorious, apt setting for a World Cup. The Brazilians have been a leading force in world football for decades, with the skill, flair and outrageous ‚touch‘ displayed by the Seleção creating a benchmark for other national teams, and […]

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Ukraine and Poland Euro 2012 – What to do When the Football Finishes

This year’s Euro 2012 championships are being hosted jointly, between the Ukraine and Poland. Close to a staggering 38 billion euros has been invested into the tourism and transport sector, as well as stadiums, to make sure they will be able to handle to influx of visitors and supporters over the highly anticipated 3 weeks […]

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The World Cup in South Africa 2010


Just a quick post to let off some steam about the world cup in South Africa. I dont mean from an English perspective because the team was purely terrible but rather the traditional minnows of world football who have exceeded themselves in this world cup such as New Zealand who are usually more comfortable with […]

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Travelling with England at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa

This is a pretty neat guide to travelling around South Africa watching England at the World Cup in South Africa, basically you need to be quite rich and have you wits about you…South Africa is pretty dodge in places. There’s some good stuff to visit too, which is detailed on the guide I’ve linked to […]

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