A Mini Guide to London

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London one of those cities. It is up there with New York and maybe Paris as one of the most alluring capitals in the world. It is a city that pulsates with life day and night. It is a financial hub and a mecca for tourists. It is a truly multicultural city in every […]

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Top 5 European Cities to Spend New Years Eve

Who’s Up for A Party?
As 2015 draws to a close there is one thing one every backpacker’s mind, where the hell should I spend NYE? New Years is about all about celebrating the year just passed, surrounding yourself with the people you love, and being in an unforgettable location. Being a backpacker can be a […]

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Shopping While Visiting London

London remains one of the most popular destinations for people to visit when they are in the UK, and shopping continues to be the main reason for visiting. The atmosphere throughout the city is vibrant and exciting, offering a vast array of different shopping experiences. Whether you want to barter with one of the street […]

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Three Reasons to Visit London in 2015

London has some of the best sights, attractions, shopping centers, theaters, and restaurants in Europe. There are so many things to do in the city and it’s quite difficult to narrow down the fun things you can do while in it. However, if you need more reasons to visit London, here are some events this […]

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The Best Nights Out in London this Autumn

The Best Nights Out in London this Autumn

Whether you’re a first-time visitor, or a city-dweller looking for a new form of evening entertainment, there’s certainly no shortage of exciting things to do and see in London in the upcoming months. With such a vast array of events and activities to choose from, you really are […]

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Five Things to do in London – From Dungeons to Dining

Five Things In London You Need To Do Right Now!

Okay, so perhaps you’re unable to get to London right this second, but whether you’re in the UK or far off lands, the next time you’re there, this is what you need to see and do…

Jack The Ripper Tour

Admit it, everyone loves some good old macabre […]

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What to Pack for a Trip to London

London is one of the most popular cities for travellers. If you are planning a week-long trip or just taking one of the many London day tours in the near future, you have to start preparing early. The most important part of the preparation phase is packing.


Here is a brief guide on what you should […]

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A Brief History of London from the Sky – Helicopter View

For history, architecture, culture and beauty, the City of London takes some beating.

Seen from any angle its grand boulevards, green parks and Victorian terraces combine to create a fascinating tapestry of life in this vast metropolis.

One of the best ways to get a clear understanding of how London has developed and grown over the years […]

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Getting Through London in a Day

With so much to see and do in London, you’d think it crazy to perhaps have just one day to do as much as possible; but sometimes, when time isn’t on our side and we need to get clever, we develop ourselves a plan of action for such circumstances.
Planning will enable you to get the […]

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The Top 5 South African Restaurants in London (and Chester!)

Top 5 South African Restaurants in London (and Chester!)
It is widely accepted that the face of global cuisine has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.  Not that long ago, our concept of global cuisine didn’t stretch beyond an Indian Chicken Tikka Masala, or an Italian Spaghetti Bolognese.

However, these dishes are now considered commonplace on […]

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