What’s the weather like in Miami?

Miami Weather Defences
Miami is just one of those places where nothing seems to make sense. The residents are beautiful, the visitors are beautiful and the weather for a good chunk of the year is terrific! You can’t beat the Miami scene on the whole. But like the wildfires in Northern California and the earthquakes in […]

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Top 5 Vacation Cities That People Settle In

What are the Top 5 cities that people visit and then want to move to?

We have compiled a list of these seductive metro areas from our own experiences and people we know. The common theme is that at vacation’s end the visitor goes home and within a month packs a bag (and maybe the car) […]

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Life After Ibiza for Clubbing Holidaymakers?

As the European summer draws to a close and the bass beats die down in the super clubs of Ibiza and other Mediterranean hotspots synonymous with cheap clubbing holidays, where do the hard core house clubbing fraternity head next? (providing money and unlimited energy was no object of course!)

Surely DJ’s, club promoters, scantily clad podium […]

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Top 5 Famous Hotels Used in Movies

Top 5 Famous Hotels Used in Movies

Movies are shot all over the world, and hotels often form the backdrop, or even play a starring role, in various scenes from world-famous classics. If you’ve ever wanted to stay in the hotel in which your favourite movie was filmed, this guide to the top 5 famous hotels […]

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