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The New York Version of Jamaica – 4 Things to See & Do

4 Great Ways to Pass the Time in Jamaica, NY

Jamaica is a decidedly middle class neighbourhood in Queens, New York. It has very little in common with its namesake, the island some 1,600 miles away, but there are many reasons to get to know this area. Some of the world’s most famous people once called […]

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48 Hours in New York City on $100

Being one of the most visited cities in the world, New York does not need an introduction. Cosmopolitan, exciting, hectic, and with some of the most impressive urban landscape in the world, New York City charms tourists and residents alike. But we all know that some things come at a price, and this is especially […]

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New York on a Budget

Travelling to New York is on many people’s bucket list, but the city is notoriously expensive – just ask any resident New Yorker. Finding reasonable flights and accommodation is the first hurdle, but this is easily overcome by booking through the competitively priced The second hurdle is exploring the city; sight-seeing, dining and entertainment. […]

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New York, New York

New York, New York

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps … The names are endless, but there’s no escaping the reputation that comes before this huge city.

Thanks to the lowering cost of flights over the Atlantic, this destination is now accessible to all, when once upon a time it may have been a dream. […]

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Photo Guide to the Best Beaches of East Coast USA

Planning a visit to the eastern seaboard during the balmy summer months? Finding the best beach is an incredibly important task if you are the type of person who prefers to have sand inbetween their toes for their summer holidays! There are a wide variety of beaches on the eastern shore of the USA but […]

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Top 5 Famous Hotels Used in Movies

Top 5 Famous Hotels Used in Movies

Movies are shot all over the world, and hotels often form the backdrop, or even play a starring role, in various scenes from world-famous classics. If you’ve ever wanted to stay in the hotel in which your favourite movie was filmed, this guide to the top 5 famous hotels […]

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