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Traveling the World – Top Choice with Lottery Winners

Winning the lottery is probably a fantasy we all have. Just thinking about holding a winning ticket in our hands makes us imagine the endless possibilities that come with huge amounts of money. While winning odds might seem impossible to beat, for some lucky few the dream of winning the lottery actually comes true. Here […]

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Top 10 Things to do in Auckland, New Zealand

True, you’re most likely to arrive in to the land of the long white cloud, or Aotearoa to be culturally correct, into the modern city of Auckland. Not only is New Zealand a million miles from anyway and therefore a hefty flight, there’s more than just jet lag to be the motivation to spend a […]

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Kiwi Madness – Heliskiing in New Zealand

Skiing in New Zealand? Most definitely, and you won’t need to drive far from Christchurch to take advantage of raw slopes that will challenge even the best skier. In fact, you can journey so far off the beaten path that you’ll need a helicopter to drop you off. Are your juices flowing yet?

Methven Heliskiing operates […]

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I really miss living in New Zealand!

I really miss living in New Zealand! The latest promo video from the team Pure New Zealand says it all:

It’s so fresh, so unspoilt, so outdoorsy….

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I want to be in New Zealand’s Hooker Valley

As I may have mentined before I live in Liverpool, UK. It’s a cool city, full of friendly scousers, packed with world igniting history and home to the best football team in the world (they wear blue and go by the name of Everton FC – there aren’t any others worth mentioning right?). HOWEVER, I […]

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Backpacking in Otago – Cromwell Fruit Picking & Gillespie Pass Circuit New Zealand

This was one of my memoirs (or email back home!) about my backpacking experiences in the Otago region of New Zealand…

Came down West Coast of NZ; rainforest running right down to the pounding ocean, the stuff excellent seascape photography is made of. It rained a lot but that was understandable being a rainforest and all. […]

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The Great East Cape of New Zealand

Wopwops! A term used by Kiwi’s to describe a vast area of remote bush country which aptly describes the stunning East Cape of New Zealand’s North Island, a fantastic example of classic wopwop land! Having spent two weeks driving from Opotiki to Napier I discovered an unspoilt, undeveloped and ruggedly scenic region that most backpackers […]

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Rotorua Geothermal Wonderland Travel Guide

Slap bang in the middle of the Bay of Plenty lies Rotorua, a fascinating little city with more than enough to keep even the most restless itchy-footed backpacker happy for a few days. This geothermal, heavily Maori influenced hot spot (literally) is only 2.5hrs from Auckland, an hour from the Mt Manganui beach and 2.5hrs […]

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Hitchhiking from Rotorua to Bay of Islands in New Zealand

Desperate to see the Bay Of Islands, in New Zealand’s northern tip, I decided to risk hitching. One of my colleagues at the local pub I worked at in Rotorua, the Pig and Whistle, clarified the risk element perfectly; ‚don’t hitch you’ll get murdered‘. Cheers. I thought bugger it and went anyway (I had a […]

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