Volunteering with Animals on a Gap Year

What about Volunteer with animals during your gap year?

Volunteering with animals during a year out will be a great experience if you are an animal lover, or thinking about working with animals once you graduate from university. It will also help you gain a unique perspective on the country you are working in that would […]

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Top Five Countries for Teaching English Abroad

Teaching abroad is a great way to see the world, save some money and do something meaningful all at the same time. Below are the top five locations for teaching English. Each location offers a different benefit package, with some paying for your flights and accommodations.

1. Thailand
Thailand is a great place to teach English. Jobs […]

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Travelling to Thailand – The Lowdown On Organising Your Thai Trip

Land of Smiles – Thailand
Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and given the country’s spectacular beaches, sensational food and famously friendly people; it is easy to see why. Thailand offers something for everyone and that, along with the fact it remains a relatively cheap destination, helps make it such […]

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The Isthmus of Koh Phan Nga, Thailand – Home of the Full Moon Party

A quick photo post of Haad Rin on Koh Phan Nga island, Thailand. Each month thousands of hedonistic backpackers descend onto this lovely little beach. Hard to believe something so idyllic could play host to such raucous behaviour. Evokes memories of that scene in The Beach movie, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, when he returns to […]

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Rumours of a football competition involving the whole world taking place in South Africa 2010

I’ve not been to many places in Africa but it does intrigue me. Of course, it’s possible to travel independently in Africa but I wouldnt know where to start. I think going overland from Morocco (crossing from Gibraltar) and somehow getting all the way down to Cape Town would be a phenomenal journey. I’m guessing […]

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The Bangkok Gem Shock

Having conquered the majority of Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, I suppose you could say we were becoming robust backpackers. No set of circumstances we experienced in the previous ten months could have prepared us for the ordeal we endured in Bangkok. We’d been incredibly careful with our cashflow, super security conscious and fully prepared […]

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