Five Reasons to Visit Turkey on Holiday

 A destination rising in popularity, the reasons for choosing a holiday to Turkey are plentiful. From the colourful history to the lively culture and beautiful landscapes, the country caters to the needs of every traveller.

Thankfully, with plenty of Turkey holidays available, finding an affordable deal isn’t difficult either. So, if you’re wondering where to set off to next, here are five great reasons to give Turkey a go:

Temple of Artemis

Temple of Artemis

1.   History

Turkey has a rich history and is the setting for the most archaeological sites in the world. Visiting Turkey means that you will have an opportunity to take a look back into the past, being able to visit the Temple of Artemis and also the City of Troy, both popular in ancient mythology.

If history is your thing, Turkey is definitely an amazing place for you to go to get your fix of knowledge about the past.

2.   Landscape

The Turkish landscape is that of a traditional holiday destination. Yellow beaches and glorious blue seas, it offers the kind of holiday you dream about in your head. The south of Turkey gets sun for nearly six months of the year meaning that if you want to take a holiday but don’t want to go in the middle of summer, you’ll still be able to sunbathe on a beach without having to worry about being chilly.

3.   Culture

 Every different part of Turkey has its own unique culture, ranging from art to traditions, from mythology to cuisine. If you want to visit somewhere multicultural and diverse, this is definitely the place for you.

The Turkish culture is different to our own, allowing you to discover and learn something new on your holiday. If you want to broaden your horizons, there simply isn’t a better choice than a Turkey holiday.

4.   Food

Turkish food

Turkish food

 If foods such as kebabs and meze sound appealing to you, Turkey’s food is something that you’re sure to enjoy. With a massive variety of traditional dishes, if you’re looking to have a new culinary experience, Turkey could very well be the place for you to do so – as long as you wash it down with the famous Turkish alcoholic drink Raki (otherwise known as lions milk)!


5.   Activities

 Whether you’re into adrenaline sports or fancy doing something more laid back on your holiday, Turkey can offer a massive range of activities for you to do. Ranging from paragliding to trekking, the outdoor and adrenaline sports available in Turkey are bound to please even the biggest thrill seeker, all in a perfect setting. If you do want something more chilled out though, Turkey is one of the best places in Europe for golf, so why not pick up your clubs and practice your putting on some of the most beautiful courses that you will have ever seen.