candy crush friends saga wont load

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candy crush friends saga wont load
Candy Crush Saga for Windows 10 won't load. — King Community, My daily quests won't load (Status: Fixed) — King Community, Candy Crush Friends Saga, candy crush won't load on my pc — King Community, Candy Crush Friends Saga -, Candy crush won’t load — King Community, Candy Crush Saga problems | Is Down Right Now USA, Candy Crush Friends Saga Game All Levels Ashbgame - YouTube, Characters | Candy Crush Friends Saga.

Candy Crush Saga problems | Is Down Right Now USA HomeContactUK OutagesTop WebsitesGamingOther ServicesProblemsStatements and NewsIs Down Right Now USA | Candy Crush Saga problemsCandy Crush Saga problemsCandy Crush Saga crashing on iOS and Android is a common occurrence because more people play the game via mobile devices through an app. But when people get home they open Facebook and start playing Candy Crush Saga online.The most popular game on Facebook and on mobile devices is Candy Crush Saga with over 100 million players and 76,169,848 likes on its official Facebook. The main problems with Candy Crush include in-app purchases, levels not being able to load properly, issues with crashing happens now and then. But, worst case is a complete candy crush saga outage.Many users report the game crashes on iOS and Android devices the most, playing on Facebook via desktop / laptop is a lot more reliable than playing on a mobile device. Nether the less you can report your own Candy Crush Saga problems right here. Candy Crush status reports for Wednesday 10th of April 2019To find out if Candy Crush is down right now, see reports below.Problems with Candy Crush? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers: ←   → Darlene Miller Hate these changes. Can’t see which friends (or me) are the champions of each level. Don’t get double value for winning a game with c’s on laptop and don’t get the other goodies (magic helmet, contests, etc) available on mobile version. Fix it or I’m done. No fun if I can’t compete against friends! txprowriter Mine did the same for Papa Pear. It ran a ‘different’ version, as if they were trying out a better version )and it was better fr about 2 hours!). Everything was larger BUT they were also charging MORE money for extras. Maybe they are updating to a newer version… Elle Happening to me now. Won’t connect to fb so i reinstalled the app on my iPhone. Still failed to connect so i’m back to level friggin’ 1!!! All that hard work and boosters gone… Sucks… Ecerad Has been a week for me. Just as others are saying it appears like it is loading and the goes back to my home page. I won’t reinstall because I’m afraid of losing all my lives!! Help Candy Crush!! Elizabeth Hopwood Been put back to level 1 from level 2515 on my iPad but iPhone ok . Rebooted several times but still no good . Not happy Jada Can not open “Candy Crush” since yesterday afternoon 2 Jume ’17 The orange screen never says “loading”. Also same problem with “Farm Animals” Been playing these games on my iPad2 for a few years….never had this problem until now. What’s going on ??? Please fix this problem!! Tracy Harrell Same here! Been doing it for over a week and because of level I am on, I’m afraid to delete it and reinstall. Spent too much time and money to get there! ha ha Just wish knew how to fix it. Alicia Chavez Has been a week that is not loading Kamicka L. Anthony I cannot make purchases in the Candy Shop! MikeK7 When I double click on the home button of my iPhone, I can see that a version of Candy Crush at the latest level seems to be running. But when I try to load, I have the orange screen, then the loading page for a moment, then cuts back to home screen of phone. I don’t want to go back to level 1. Janice Turner I have not been able to get Candy Crush to connect to Facebook on my Galaxy S7 for the past few days. Went on my PC tonight and even though I’m having this issue it seems to have synced at some time since it was on the same level as my phone. I had gone forward 2 levels while not connected to FB! Tracy Kirtland level 680 won’t load properly. I can’t play it or get past it. How do I get this fixed? JB Starting July 5th and currently, Facebook Candy Crush is crawling. Bob Robert Issue began about July 4 2017. Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda both take forever to load and then trying to play it is like the game in slow motion. I am using windows 7 and google chrome browser (and yes the browser is up to date). Tried clearing my cache,deleting my browser history,removing the game from Facebook and re-installing it and nothing helps..So now it’s time for you to help me KING games. Abby I’ve exceeded all the necessary standards to pass level 110 (several times at that), but it still won’t let me advance Gwen My friends no longer show on my game board, I can’t give them lives and they can’t give me any …. what’s up!? grandmateri The daily treat calendar resets to zero and never gives out treats, the Emoji Movie contest is resetting to zero-no levels passed, even though I passed several this morning. Backing out of as in closing Candy Crush Saga using the back navigation Arrow does not work anymore. Now you have to go to the settings button and then back out from there. This has all happened within the last week when I noticed an upgrade. Oh also no longer able to enlarge the screen for my 61 year-old eyes and when you get into levels in the thousands the numbers are pretty small. Meg The game gets to the first loading screen and crashes after about 30 seconds/a minute, immediately exiting back to the home screen. It’s been doing this for about 5 days or so now. Al Iam on level 2049 and it’s a time level I have reached and went way over the 450,000 needed. My last score is 1,024,000 and have had higher and it keeps saying I failed to remove the bomb. Heather Jacobson The people I’m playing with are gone. It’s stuck on saying it’s contacting Google store. I’m not ordering anything! Kitsy Powers Bridges Just finished level 2705 and can’t advance. I see new levels but It won’t let me proceed. I have restarted and reinstalled. On both iPhone 6 and ipad2 AngNTex I can’t start a game at all, it says Closed For the Season??? Janet Johnnie Reese I have bought the piggy bank when it is full and the 60 bars post … I use less than 10. And then they are all gone. I just purchased them again today and lost them. Is there anyway you can check what is going on. I’m not buying anymore til this gets corrected. Anne Liddell Candy Crush Soda wont load properly….starts ok, then the orange square goes black and nothing! Anyone else having this problem? Karen Paumen When I tap play nothing happens. Bonnie Hopkins-Caroprese Candy Crush won’t let me sign in to facebook. Paulette Fillar Dolen Candy Crush Saga bank problems. I am unable to open the bank, which is full and will expire this evening. Yvonne Atwell I should b on level 168 Davida Gaines Lawler I can’t connect to facebook Affan Mir Having problem connecting to facebook Agnes Candy Crush won’t open on my IPad, have been playing for about 2 years but over the last two weeks can not get it to load, any suggestions Summer I hate the new update. Get the scores outta my face. Leslie Candy crush won’t open. Keeps saying that the amazon app store is out of date I’ve run all updates don’t know what to do. Teddy Bought a new iPhone. Candy Crush game transferred but I lost all my boosters that I had accrued and purchased! Unfair!!! ted tells me i need to download firefox,internet exl,tinder before will play.this just started.i been playing on here foe years,now that pops up ted ipdate the game and lose all my bonuses,extra candies Patricia A Ryan I was at game 1610 .org more when .org put .net back to game 1,I have tried everything king care says,tried loading and reloading,please help,I am .org stsrting over again.I am .org on facebook. Mary I am way behind just started this fad with candy crush a few months back, at level 439 don’t laugh, but that level should be 50 moves, I only get 28 and I am just going to have to uninstall I cant go any farther, what’s up with that Riitta Chabra I’m on level 2719 and when I open that level the game actually opens level 26. I have tri to log in and out of facebook and also restarted my iPad. It still opens up level 26 while everywhere it shows that I’m on leve 2719. RC tlmac Signed in to facebook / candy crush on Chrome and Opera on a Surface Pro 3 running Win 8.1 but it’s not loading the correct game level. Both are starting me back at level 1. On my iphone 7 running IOS 12 the game is loading correctly on level 3730. Both browsers are compatible and up to date. Elizabeth Vinje I’m giving up on playing Candy Crush. All of them started lagging at minimum 5 seconds behind the sound. Nothing I do makes it better. That’s just my PC. Face book is loading ridiculously slowly. My ios KEEPS CRASHING WHILE PLAYING on my phone. King is none responsive and not fixing the problem. barbara My score is 126 over 60. It does not reset. So I’m not getting any items like bombs or hammers. My score just keeps getting higher. Help Janice Roberts There is a problem with Candy Crush level 4496. On the right side of board where more candies fall on the board….the candies continue to drop and you cannot move forward. ←    →What’s Down Today? tip on Apr 10 tip on Apr 9 tip on Apr 9 tip on Apr 9 tip on Apr 9 tip on Apr 9 tip on Apr 8 tip on Apr 8 tip on Apr 8 tip on Apr 8Copyright © 2019 . All rights reserved. | . Candy Crush Saga for Windows 10 won't load. Avid Candy Crush Friends player and poster of silly things for forumite amusements! Stay Sweet All! Favorite Current Threads: 1. Two Words Quote Games 2. Lets Count Continue 5001 The Lovely Fairy Bow Kimmy! 0. QueenMia Posts: 3,103 Community Manager. March 18. Hey guys, I'm moving this thread to the Candy Crush Area where it belongs . March 18 . Hi! The daily quests are not resetting in Candy Crush Friends. They usually reset at 12am CST. Any suggestions?.
Candy Crush Friends is the brand-new puzzle game in the Candy Crush series - it’s sweeter than ever! Yeti, Tiffi and a delicious cast of friends are on hand to help you smash through levels with their sweet abilities.. for the last 2 days, candy crush won't load on my pc. works fine on my phone, but can't play on my pc.. The all-new Candy Crush Friends Saga is here! Get ready to match your way through a delicious new game that’ll have you dunking cookies and collecting costumes for your favorite Candy characters in no time! With awesome new game modes and tasty surprises, it’s every candy crushers’ dream!. candy crush would not load. I then updated my iPhone, freed up storage space, downloaded updated. It’s still not loading. I do not want to loose my level of 1700.. Candy Crush Saga crashing on iOS and Android is a common occurrence because more people play the game via mobile devices through an app. But when people get home they open Facebook and start playing Candy Crush Saga online.. Candy Crush Friends Saga - New tasty match 3 puzzle! Dunk the cookie and save octopuses to collect friends. Your Candy Crush Friends have been scattered throughout the Candy Kingdom all characters .
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