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make more gold civilization 5
tips on getting gold :: Sid Meier's Civilization V General , How to make more gold | CivFanatics Forums, civilization 5 - How do I keep from going bankrupt? - Arqade, Gold (currency) (Civ5) | Civilization Wiki | FANDOM , I need to make gold, fast. - Sid Meier's Civilization V , How to have lots of Gold per turn? Sid Meier's Civilization V, civilization 5 - How do I manage my money effectively , Civilization 6 Gold - the best ways to make money and how , Unlimited gold and happiness without mods - Civ 5 Hack .

There's quite a few things you can do. - Sell luxuries to the AI, preferable those that you have multiple exemplars of- Sell strategic resources to the AI- Build you cities on rivers and next to luxuries that generate gold (and work them of course ^^)- Build as many markets as you can (and a bit later: Specialize a (few) city/cities to making gold. Build a market, build trading posts etc.)- Connect cities with roads, but not too early or you'll lose money as every tile costs 1 goldYou might also go barb hunting, every camp gives you gold. However, as units are really squishy in vanilla Civ 5, you have to be careful. On the other hand, there are also some things that you might stop spending money on, if you did so far:- Don't put army-production/EP buildings into every city, instead, specialize a single city to army production- Don't over-produce army, instead try to keep your army small but upgradeetc. etc. . The best way to get Gold if you only have the normal Civ V is to go to the store page and buy the "Gold Edition Upgrade" that way you'll have Gold.. Yeah, I make pretty mediocre amounts of GPT unless I am in a golden age or sell my resources to the AI. Best solutions tend to be either expanding territory by taking over a neighbor and making a bunch of gold puppets or just keep selling stuff..
When your civilization lose the race to complete that wonder to another civilization you will receive 1 gold for every 1 production expanded in the wonder. So far i know of one world wonder which it is likely not to be built until very late in the game - the pyramid.. Back to Civilization V Back to game concepts Contents[show] Introduction Ah, Gold! Gold is wonderful stuff. You can use it to build an army, to pay for a road network, to purchase buildings, to buy the friendship of a city-state and to bribe an enemy civilization. It may be true that "money. For Sid Meier's Civilization V on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I need to make gold, fast.".. In the later eras they often produce like 3 extra gold each. You can also try setting any cities that don't need to produce anything important to wealth. You can also try setting any cities that don't need to produce anything important to wealth.. Some social policies can make certain money-spending activities cheaper or money-making activities more profitable. You can hover over the gold number in the top status bar to see a rough breakdown of your spending (a more detailed one is available in the economy window) and see what aspects are worth making cheaper. For example, if you find yourself spending a lot on roads, maybe it's worth . Money makes the world go round, this we know. However, it also makes life in Civilization 6 a great deal easier and a lot more interesting. So, whether you're looking to get rich quick or dig .
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