Backpacking is fine when you are young and carefree, or at least just carefree. Unencumbered by small children and other delicate luggage, a backpacking tour can often seem the only way to see the ‘real’ side of your chosen destination. Perhaps more importantly, backpacking encourages spontaneous and improvised travel, allowing a change of heart to set the course for a new direction with the minimum of hassle.  However, there comes a time in many a wild rover’s life when reliable access to basic creature comforts and shelter starts to take precedence over the spirit of spontaneity when planning a trip away, and perhaps this is the reason for the figures pertaining to new caravans for sale over the last few years.  As well as being one of the largest operators in the UK running holiday parks – that provide a custom made base for the things – also offer brand new caravans for sale, and have reported a steady increase in trade over the last decade or so. So just what is behind this long running trend?

Well, there have been a number of different explanations mooted in the last few years.  Some are economic, with the caravan seen as long term investment that will bring down the cost of taking a holiday over years to come (while the asset itself is fairly good at holding residual value).  When a wider look is taken at this sector of the holiday market – to include those that simply rent caravans or motorhomes, or book a stay in a static caravan in a holiday park – the possible effects of the recent recession are often cited.  Reduced spending power coupled with a less favourable exchange rate has added to the list of factors that constitute a barrier to flying abroad (not to mention the delays and other impositions imposed by modern airport security).  However, this list of cons sometimes risks overlooking the pros of a caravan holiday.










Opting for a caravanning holiday cuts out the dreaded airport queues

Pragmatically, you can pack (nearly) everything that you want to take, with kilogram weight restrictions being measured in triple rather than double figures. Holidaying in your own transport is also the most practical and humane way of taking your pets along for the trip with you, not to mention making this arrangement remotely possible in the first place.

However, many would argue that the most compelling reason for the vast numbers of people turning to the caravan and campervan, when it comes time for a holiday, is the inbuilt flexibility of the deal.  Perhaps it is the result of a generation of backpackers finding themselves in the family way, but no longer content to chance the restrictions of an untested package holiday destination. The ability to pick your own route, and then leave for pastures new – when a planned stop underwhelms – is a major advantage known to the caravanning old guard for years.  If you are interested in finding out more about caravan ownership, try looking here: