Luxury Holidays – When Money is no Object!

Luxury Holidays – When Money is no Object!

Sometimes, it’s not about watching your wallet or skimping on the finer things – if you want to go all out, often the best thing to do is throw caution to the wind and just run with it! Besides, there’s other ways you can reduce other areas to make room for more spending while you’re ON holidays – like getting there! So why not save money on cheap international flights so you can have more pocket money to spend on things like…I don’t know, caviar?!

For some of the most luxurious holidays one could have, check out our suggestions below!

The Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

The Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

The Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
The Poseidon Undersea Resort is nestled in a 5,000 square foot Fijian lagoon, 40 feet under the sea. It what looks to be science fiction come to life, this submerged resort is reachable via a private plane from Fiji Island. The unique and private island of the Poseidon Undersea Resort is the first of its kind in the world, and if you’re after a truly ‘out of the box’ experience, this has got to top them all!

Upon you’re arrival a 40-foot elevator shoot awaits you, taking you to an underwater paradise that only Jules Verne could have envisioned! The undersea suites are elegantly appointed with leather chairs, fine fabrics gracing the beds and custom marble floors. The room itself is encased with a thick, clear, acrylic wall offering panoramic vistas of the colourful coral gardens and spectacular marine life.

To add to the quirkiness of this surreal resort, with the push of a button from a control console in the room, you’re able to feed the marine life. No, we’re not kidding! Not only this, but you’re able to pilot your own undersea submersibles to explore the pristine cerulean waters.

Ever thought you’d be sipping cocktails underwater? Well, why not climb aboard the Poseidon’s 16-foot luxury submarine, for a chance to tour the deep reefs while sipping on your favourite martini! And what luxury resort would be worth their salt without a massage? Relax with a South Pacific floral-coconut massage and papaya facial for an intoxicating, undersea spa. Above sea level, you can enjoy dining at the waterside bistro and basking in the sun on the private beach.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, why not embark on a luxury cruise across the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador? Aboard the Grand Odyssey, luxury, privacy and comfort are the perfect mélange for a great journey. Panoramic windows with stunning vistas of the islands, Jacuzzis, shaded solarium, saloon and a play zone for the kids keeps everyone happy. Local and international cuisine will be especially prepared by our chef and served up in the dining room. Ventured out on kayaks with the only companions being the flamingos, turtles, sea lions. If you’re wanting a close encounter with prehistoric nature, why not snorkel with the friendly fur seals? Every day onboard is a new adventure filled with trips to cool caves and kayaking the narrow channels to new islands.

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai
The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is a treat in Middle Eastern glam. Arriving by helicopter, the dramatic landing on the 28th level offers a great vista of the city. The royal suite is where it’s at, with a massive four-poster canopy bed perched on a rotating pedestal, and a staircase constructed from gold and marble! The team of butlers are only too eager to with arranging a chauffeured Rolls Royce for a tour of the town – if that floats your boat! The onsite restaurants serve up delicious culinary delights, like Tasmanian salmon with a seafood feast of Caspian caviar. This is truly one of the most opulent hotels you might ever stay. For an ultimate desert experience, book a safari trip and experience a trek filled with a trip in a four-wheeler, a camel ride, dinner under the desert stars, and your very own belly dancer!

Aples-Cote d’Azure, South of France
Southern France’s Provence, Aples-Cote d’Azure region is a slice of paradise. With limitless lavender fields, snowy white peaks, and crystal blue waves with endless pink sunsets, it’s an unforgettable trip if there ever was one. Home to great artists like Van Gogh and Cezanne, it comes as no surprise that some of their most famed masterworks were created in this area. Forgo a hotel – rent a St. Tropez villa which is just five minutes from the beach. This exquisite Mediterranean villa comes equipped with a chef, two housekeepers and a waitress! You’ll be greeted by champagne and canopies in the reception area, complete with your own private infinity pool with breathtaking seaside vistas. Fill your days with delightful visits to the region’s monuments, art galleries, famous boutiques and trendy cafes. Nestled in the former Chapel Notre Dame, the Annunciation Museum showcases the spectacular works of Matisse, Maillol, Rouault and Derain.

When money is no object and you simply want to treat yourself to the unique and the best – these top tips might lower your bank account, but increase your lifetime memories!



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  1. Martyn says:

    I’d never really thought of the Galapagos islands as anything other than a place of scientific significance relating to Darwin, it does sort of make sense that it would be pretty nice there though! However I may still be tempted to choose the luxury 7 star hotel instead… (if I had the choice haha).

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