It would be fair to say that one of the buzzwords on the tip of a lot of traveller’s tongues right now is “staycation”.

The emergence of budget airlines a couple of decades ago led many to believe that the days of people spending their vacation in their own country were long gone. However, a combination of a poor economy, and just a bit of variety, means that staycations are well and truly back in full swing.


The main issue with a staycation is that a lot of people don’t actually feel like they are on vacation. They are in the same climate, with familiar surroundings, and this causes a few issues to crop up that can really spoil your break.

This is the reason today’s article has been pieced together. Let’s now look at the three golden rules you need to keep in mind to ensure that your summer staycation is a sweeping success.

Make sure you don’t have to get too creative with the location

As the surge in popularity of staycations has proven, there is something of a charm about staying in your own country. At the same time, some countries are more geared towards touristic activities than others. For example, in the UK there are some excellent locations, but at the same time there are some which are just purely unsuitable for tourists. For the hotels available in Blackpool with all of its Pleasure Beach activities, you might head to the opposite side of the country and be left with little to do.

In short, make sure you research accordingly before you travel. Make sure that there is plenty to in the local vicinity. The last thing you want is to seemingly find the perfect hotel, but have to travel two hours to find anything suitable for you and the kids.

The work phone gets left at home

Rule number one; make sure you leave your work phone at home. Rule number two; make sure your personal phone is at least switched to silent, and away from your hand at most opportunities.

As we all know, many of us are addicted to our cell phones. When we are abroad we can almost switch off and forget they exist, mainly because of the extortionate data costs. However, at home, we usually stick to our same cell phone routine. The problem with this is that it can ruin your enjoyment of the local area, and just make those who travel with you think you’re not really bothered about spending any time with them after all. Don’t fall into the trap.

Pack smartly

Another huge advantage of the typical staycation is the lack of baggage restrictions. On the most part, you’ll be traveling by car. This means that your luggage size will be dictated by the size of your trunk and suffice to say, this tends to beat anything that a budget airline has to offer.

There’s absolutely no need to be tight with your packing; it will only be to your detriment. A drawback to a staycation is the unpredictable weather (if you are staying in the UK at least), so make sure you pack for all conditions. Regardless of what the Met Office predict, if you don’t pack for all-seasons you will be breaking a dangerous staycation rule.