Florida has been one of the greatest destinations for both tourists and retired individuals alike for some time, and the great weather and excellent attractions continues to bring in tourists by the planeload. From its beaches to other distinctive tourist attractions, Florida has a variety of different options for anyone to choose from, providing memories that no doubt last a lifetime. Below are some excellent examples of some of Florida’s greatest tourist destinations. Some of these are commonly visited while others provide a more distinctive and unique experience, so if you’re thinking about taking a trip to Florida this summer, lets take a look at some of the top entertainment on show.

Enjoy the Luxury of Florida on Amelia Island

Amelia Island is the southernmost island of the sea island range, and one of the best features about it is Fernandina beach. Not only are there free deck chairs to take advantage of here, but there’s a great relaxing atmosphere here too. Furthermore, there is a smaller shrimping village on Amelia Island, which provides a charming and picturesque destination for a lovely hike for couples and families alike. This shrimping village features fifty blocks of historical buildings, unique eateries, and even a golf course, so be sure to enjoy the breathtaking views that Amelia Island has to offer as a fantastic addition to any travel plans.

Learn about Florida’s History by Visiting the Castillo de San Marcos

the castillo de san marcos florida usa

Who says learning on vacation can’t be fun? Castillo de San Marcos, located in St. Augustine is the oldest masonry fort in all of Florida as well as the United States. This national monument was built in the late 1600’s, but its amazing architecture can fool all those who come to visit this fort. Castillo de San Marcos features a diamond shaped architecture, which has not only led to its elongated longevity, but it also attracts lots of tourists interested in design and history. Additionally, St. Augustine, the city that this fort resides in, is a sight to see itself. Featuring picturesque shops and traditional attractions, this city provides couples with an entertaining twist for their vacation, including fourteen feet of historical walls and many other romantic sights.

Escape To the Tropical Destination of the Florida Keys

Florida Keys swoops around the Florida peninsula and provides vacation goers the beauty of the state on a personal and quiet landscape. These islands are connected to Florida by a series of bridges, which makes driving to these locations easy after visiting other places in Florida, making it a good choice if you’re looking for a 2014 holiday with a bit of adventure. A flight comparison website could be a good place to start. One of the more famous bridges, the Seven Mile Bridge, provides spectacular views of everything that the Keys have to offer, which isn’t to be passed up on!

Walt Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center

One great destination that is great for families of all ages is Walt Disney World. With different attractions that vary from the Little Mermaid to Harry Potter, this theme park has a variety of amusement rides for everyone to enjoy. With spectacular firework presentations and beautiful rooms to stay in, Walt Disney World is able to provide everything all bundled into one location.

Since 1968, the Kennedy Space Center has been the location of every U.S. space flight launch, and this location also is home to the unmanned rocket launch site too. The visitor complex features movies, museums, bus tours of the shuttle prep and launch facilities, and even a rocket garden!