Whilst endlessly exciting, sightseeing holidays can be an absolute whirlwind – the complete opposite to a poolside retreat. However, these fast-paced holidays can often be complete life changing: you can experience cultures of other countries and truly soak up life in a exhilarating fashion. To escape on a sightseeing holiday, you’re going to need some top tips to ensure you’re always feeling your best and getting the most out of your trip:

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• Cruise holidays are custom-made so that you get to see as many destinations as possible if you wish and make a sightseeing holiday easier than you think. Cruise1st for example have extensive cruises with land tours here that do just this!
• The people at Time Out put great deal of work into their holidays & travel advice; you can go to the travel section on their site and read their tips on where to go and what to see.
• Going back a few years, The Telegraph wrote this article about being able to sightsee without the hassle of overcrowding or getting lost.

• Sensible Shoes
It might seem obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of times we’ve been caught hobbling around on walk-heavy holidays after wearing shoddy shoes. You need to ensure that you’re wearing something truly durable for your wandering: you’re not going to enjoy your adventure if you’re constantly wincing over blisters. Look for something with a thick sole and perhaps spend a little more than you usually would tend to – it’ll be worth that extra cost than to ruin the huge cost of your holiday itself.

• Sun Cream and After Sun
These guys are your new best friends on your sightseeing holiday. Without these, you’re going to end up frazzled and grumpy – depending on the climate of the place you are visiting, you could even end up cutting your adventure short by coming down with sunstroke. Make sure you buy the right SPF sun cream from your skin type – ask at your local department store if you’re unsure of where to start. Pack a hat too!

• Pack Light
If you’re going to be travelling from city to city, there’s a chance you may even be living out of a rucksack. If this is the case – literally – don’t go crazy with your packing, or you’re bound to regret it. If you really must carry more than you can comfortably handle, check out train stations in the area as they often have drop offs where you can leave your luggage for the day at a small fee. Only take what is absolutely essential to you: try wearing your bag around the house – does it feel too heavy to be lugging around all day?

• Document Everything
As aforementioned in the introduction, you’re going to be blown away by lots of information and experiences on your sightseeing holiday – so it’s important that you get it all documented so you can relive it all over again when your journey has ended. This way, you can also show everything to friends and family too. Take a digital camera, a disposable and a notebook: your three musketeers of immortalising your holiday forever, to keep.

• Sleep Lots
We know you’re going to want to go out and soak up every single minute of experience whilst on your sightseeing holiday, but you’re going to end up rundown and grumpy if you wear yourself down too much. Make sure that you take naps and breaks where possible, lest you burn yourself down to a tired out wreck. You want your mood to be at its optimum to ensure that you internalise your experiences in the best way.