1.  The weather in the UK is atrocious.
2. You need to do your bit to end this cycle of modern day life: pre-school, school, A Levels, University Degree (Masters/Post Grad if you’re clever enough), graduate scheme/warehouse or bar job, career job, mid life crisis, divorce, pension, grave.
3. No matter how much you earn in your next promotion you will always want more, that new T.V will need replacing and the house needs and extension. Rubbish.
4. You never seem to meet funky new people unless your on holiday or not at work. An open mindset and an openness to new people will ensure new people, opportunities and bags of laughter will come gushing into your life!
5. The UK media has a knack of influencing people’s brains to be hugely fearful of taking risks.
6. Weekends off from work are never long enough.
7. Watching other tv travellers live their dream whilst you watch from suburban utopia is excruciatingly painful. No offence to Simon Reeve, Mark Beaumont, Charlie Boorman, Ewan McGregor, Paul Merton, Michael Palin…list not exhaustive.
8. Living out of a bag means you don’t/can’t accumulate mountains of pointless material possessions you dont really need.
9. Blokes can grow beards and girls don’t have to wear heels or make-up  for fear of societal rejection.
10. Nobody will tell you what to do. No one will make you feel obligated to do anything. The smallest, insignificant intricacies of foreign places will become enchanting because you have the capacity to see things as they are once the racing from a to b has ceased.