Staying Cool In The Heat

Travelling should be fun, but when you are confronted with extremes heats things can become tedious really quickly. Here are 10 tips to help you keep your cool.
For many of us, a trip abroad means one thing more than any other – sun. We sun-starved Brits are drawn to the big yellow ball in the sky like proverbial moths to a flame. However, there is obviously an element of danger associated with this behaviour.
Avoiding the heat
So, what can we do in order to stay safe whilst travelling in countries with a climate we are unused to? Below are 10 tips for beating extreme heat and making the most of your travels:
1) Get Some Cover
We don’t mean hiding underneath a parasol all day; we’re talking about insurance cover here. Purchasing some travel medical insurance before you leave home will give you the cover you need should the worst happen if you encounter any really extreme temperatures. Medical insurance will also give you peace of mind should you have any existing health problems, such as diabetes.
2) Keep An Eye On The Weather
Making regular checks on the weather forecasts for your destination country before you leave home makes good sense, as it will allow you to prepare far better for your trip. If you are making stops on the way to your destination be sure to check those out too.
3) Pack Accordingly
Once you have a fair idea of what the weather is doing, make sure that you pack your bags accordingly. Ensure that you have plenty of loose fitting clothing that is light in both colour and weight.

All this in a backpack?
All this in a backpack?

Pay attention too to the humidity levels where you are travelling as well. Hot and dry conditions will require more protection from the sun than hot and humid atmospheres, where you’ll need more cooling garments.
4) Have An Airport Plan Of Action
Airports are notoriously hot places to be. Yards and yards of tarmac along with some of the biggest engines on the planet make airports hellish places on a hot day. Do some research and plan ahead of time to minimise your movements while in the airport. Get there early too; rushing will only raise your body temperature further.
5) Pay Attention To Your Accommodation
When making bookings in a very hot climate, always try to opt for accommodation that has air conditioning. You can also take this one step further by visiting the websites or making a few phone calls to the places that you intend to visit such as restaurants, museums, galleries and other local attractions to check if they have AC in their premises.
6) Do What You Can In The Morning
Naturally, the mornings are going to be the coolest part of the day – so make use of them. Book trips and excursions for the early hours and you’ll have the added bonus of attractions and sightseeing spots being a little less busy then too.
7) Catch A Nap
The Spanish are famous for their siestas, and for good reason. Getting out of the heat during the hottest part of the day makes great sense and it will allow you to stay up later in the evening to enjoy the local nightlife.
8) Make Use Of The Evenings
Although the evenings will still be a lot hotter than early mornings, they will certainly be more conducive to moving around than in the middle of the day. Consequently, many countries that experience regular bouts of extreme heat are often very lively places after dark – would you really want to miss out on that?
 9) Plan Your Trips
 If you intend to do a lot of sightseeing or if you intend to hop from one attraction to the next, try and make sure that you stick to the same areas wherever possible. Staying in the same part of town each day will cut down on travel time, keep you cool and save you money. Win-win-win.
10) Be Cool To The Core
Watching what you eat can really make a huge difference to how your body reacts to the heat. Cold drinks and ice cream can lower your core temperature and help keep you hydrated too. Making sure that you drink regularly will help you body cope with the heat.