Three Totally Cool & Unexpected Delights in Indianapolis

One of the benefits of living in a global society is having the ability to hop a jet and be literally anywhere on earth within a matter of hours. Those traveling to Indianapolis from abroad, or even from some other place in the US, probably know about the famous Indy 500 and the incredible basketball championship team, the Pacers. However, they might not know that there are really a number of totally cool and unexpected delights in and around Indianapolis. If this is your first time visiting this amazing city, you might want to check out at least these three.


1) Exotic Feline Rescue Center

Located just about an hour to the south west of Indianapolis, this is an experience you really won’t want to miss out on. Not only can you see 200+ exotic felines that have been rescued and call the center home, but you can actually book lodgings at the center as well. Can you imagine going to sleep with the sounds of tigers padding around just a bit beyond your window? Now that is totally cool!

2) Crown Hill Cemetery

Perhaps you wouldn’t call this a ‘delight’ in the literal sense, but when you discover just who is buried here, you will delight in having had the chance to see their tombstones in the here and now. Would you believe the infamous Depression era bank robber John Dillinger, has a burial plot in Crown Hill Cemetery? Other names you might recognize are:

  • Benjamin Harrison – 23rd president of the United States
  • Charles Fairbanks – US Vice President, 1905 – 1909 (Fairbanks, Alaska named after this VP)
  • Richard Gatling – Invented the Gatling gun

There have been no reports of restless spirits roaming about, but if you wait patiently, you may be the first to get a sighting. As a side note, you might want to take a poll as to just how many past (of course – they’re dead!) vice presidents are buried here.

3) Spoke & Steele Restaurant

When visiting a new place, you can tell a lot by the assortment of restaurants and unusual dining experiences to be found. Spoke & Steel is a totally unique Indianapolis restaurant that you really must try. It would be impossible to tell you what to order as the menus change with the seasons. This is really why it should be a required stop on any trip to Indiana’s capital city. In the spring, after fruit trees have been pruned, the wood is used to smoke select foods. In the fall, grape leaves are picked to be used as ingredients in many of their locally inspired dishes. This is one downtown Indianapolis restaurant you won’t want to miss.

Anyone can take a tour of all the museums and other famous sites, but unless you know a native Hoosier, you might miss out on these unusual and delightful experiences. From eating in restaurants with dynamic menus to sleeping with tigers, take a trip off the beaten path for a bit of eclectic fun in and around Indianapolis.