New York, New York!!
New York, New York!!

Being one of the most visited cities in the world, New York does not need an introduction. Cosmopolitan, exciting, hectic, and with some of the most impressive urban landscape in the world, New York City charms tourists and residents alike. But we all know that some things come at a price, and this is especially true in the Big Apple. If you are planning a trip to this fascinating city but are on a budget, this article has been written just for you.
Is it possible to spend forty-eight hours in New York with only $100? You may be dubious about the title of this article, but the truth is that it’s all about planning. Let’s look at the essential expenses first. You will need to use some form of transportation in this huge city, but walking is not a bad option either, especially if you want to take in the sights of Manhattan (and it’s free!). If you happen to visit New York after May 2013, you can also have a go at the city’s new bike-share scheme. For just $9.95 per day, you can rent a bike and then return it to any docking station when you’re done sightseeing. Compare those $9.95 to the $2.50 per ride that using the metro or buses would cost you, and you will soon realise how much you can save by cycling or walking.
Then there is food. In this respect, you can really spend as much or as little as you want while in New York. Did you know that you can get a coffee and a donut for a dollar each? Sure, you don’t want to be eating donuts for 48 hours (or do you?), but in any case, there are plenty of eateries in the city where you can have a filling meal for $5. Your best bet is to head to Chinatown, where a two-course meal can cost $4.99 and a buffet less than $10. Another option is to stick around university areas, like Greenwich Village or around Bryant Park. These areas are also great for cheap entertainment, and if in doubt, ask a student – they will surely be able to recommend their favourite spots, which may not be in any travel guide.
To grab unique bargains you can try the flea markets, such as the one on 39th Street (where you can get Prada handbags for $35) or Williamsburgh market, great for antiques and music.
Accommodation is the biggest expense in a city like New York. However, you can cut costs by booking a last-minute hotel and save up to 50 per cent. Also, don’t forget to check out what hotel and flight deals you can find on comparison sites like, which searches and compare multiple sites at once to find the cheapest possible prices.
So, forty-eight hours in New York City with just $100? Yes, it’s doable, but more importantly, it’s also fun!
Author Bio: David Bell is a freelance writer and blogs about interior design, food, travel, art and culture. Follow him on Twitter @DavidBellWriter