The Great Outdoors near Hemel Hempstead

If you’re looking for a weekend away from the city you may have not considered Hemel Hempstead. If you’re a fan of getting out and doing things, Hemel Hempstead is somewhere which could be for you. Though it lacks the fanfare and fame of places such as Norfolk, Kent and Cornwall that does not mean it doesn’t possess as many things to do outdoors. With a wide range of outdoor things to do, here is a highlight of five of them.

Frithsden Vineyard

Here is something which you wouldn’t expect. With ‘outdoor’ you would think of extreme sports or long hikes, but that doesn’t have to be the case in Hemel Hempstead. Think about rows and rows of grapes on the vine growing under a bright sunlight, clear skies and gentle breeze. This is all part of the experience at Frithsden Vineyard it allows you to wander round for hours in clean air and lose yourself in the farm. To top this off, you can sit down at your leisure and enjoy locally grown wines to top off your day. If this isn’t enough, there is also wine tasting classes year round.

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

Another out of the box outdoor experience is a traditional Buddhist monastery. With this small corner of the town dedicated to the eastern spiritual temple, it is a totally different experience. Walking around the tranquil gardens with burning incense, praying monks and people revelling in the inner peace of the place, it is something which cannot be replicated. It is important to remember, however, that the dress code at the Monastery may require you to slightly change your usual wardrobe choice.

Gadebridge Park

Amongst the more traditional outdoor experiences is the great open space hidden in Gadebridge Park. Featuring long walks, wooded areas and perhaps the perfect space for a family picnic, you can have a quintessential afternoon in the park. It also features a traditional, restored Roman Villa adding cultural experiences to a country walk. With organised tours of the villa, local wildlife and even a weekly run if that’s your thing, the park is somewhere all can enjoy.

Electric Bike Tours

If you enjoy outdoor activities you will undoubtedly have done your fair share of bike tours, but here is one with a difference. An ‘Electric’ bike is a new slant on the classic day out. It makes it easier for people who are perhaps not as physically capable to see the town in a day.

The XC

For those who enjoy a more niche experience, there is the large skate park featuring a wide range of physical activities. It’s a great, inexpensive way to get out the skateboard and cruise the town. With the ,
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