Malta is a vast Mediterranean island which is actually a country in Europe. Little people know about this island and even less know where it is. If you’re thinking about traveling to Malta, you might be interested in checking out some of the coolest scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea.

I worked at a scuba diving school for a summer while living in Malta for over two years. I learned a lot about the scene and what makes the life below the sea so appealing in Malta. Read below the top 5 things you didn’t know about diving in Malta!

1. History is evident with almost every dive!

Malta is a country rich in history but hardly anyone knows about it. The diving community in Malta, however, is well aware of the war-time history made evident by the abundance of shipwrecks around the island and in the Grand Harbor. Some of the best dives in Malta show a history of war and the enormous World War II shipwrecks. 

If you’ve never seen a WWII destroyer ship, this is an experience you can’t miss while diving Malta. It was one of the coolest diving locations I’ve ever seen. Make sure to request to see a shipwreck if diving in Malta – even beginners can see a shallow shipwreck!

2. Malta has the clearest diving sea water in the Mediterranean

With visibility clearance ranging up to 30 meters, the Mediterranean waters can not be clearer! For the best sea life diving experience, go on a sunny day. The colours under the sea will pop!

3. Winter dives are not only enjoyable, but some of the best dives!

Winter offers the advantage that many species of fish move inshore to shallower, slightly warmer waters which are not disturbed by swimmers in winter. This offers divers a much better opportunity to observe and photograph marine life. Although I never dove in the winter in Malta, my colleagues all insisted I come back for a winter dive to see the best of Malta scuba diving.

4. Malta is one of the best places for beginners

If it is your first time diving, there are plenty of PADI Certified schools in the area you are likely staying in on your visit. World class instructors will take you to the shallow, clear waters around Sliema and Valletta that offer excellent opportunities to see coral reefs and Mediterranean sea life at an early point in your scuba diving learning experience.

5. You can dive around three different islands!

Malta is not the only place for diving when you’re visiting the island. Take a boat trip out to the gorgeous islands of Gozo and Comino to do diving trips all around the archipelago – the ride itself is breath-taking. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see vastly different landscapes and sea life in a short trip to the island. Get a two-for-one experience!

Malta offers one of the best – if not the best – diving experiences in all of the Mediterranean Sea. It’d be a shame to miss such an opportunity when visiting the beautiful island country.

Adam is a travel writer who has moved around the world for three years seeing the most diverse lands the planet has to offer while documenting it all on his blog