Dublin is one of the most popular cities in Europe among international travellers. However, it also happens to be exactly the sort of place we tend to narrow down to a couple of main attractions. We talk about the bars, Trinity College, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, for instance, and these are definitely some of the highlights. There’s more to Dublin that many people aren’t aware of though, starting with some of the following highlights and attractions.

1. Incredible Park Land
Like some other great cities throughout the world, Dublin requires a bit of green space to keep people happy, and Phoenix Park is the result. It’s a massive city park, only a little under 2,000 acres in size, and it’s probably the best place to relax outside during the day. Visitors would do well simply to wander the park or have a meal there, but there are specific attractions as well – from the Dublin Zoo to the U.S. Ambassador’s residence, both of which are technically inside the park.

2. A Budding Foodie Culture
This seems to be true of several cities around the UK and Ireland, but Dublin has something of a budding foodie culture. Once known for little more than Irish comfort food, it now has all kinds of interesting little places to east. Case in point, an article from a few months ago looked at a few new openings and showcased an incredible range. There was a little restaurant with grain and Poke bowls, an authentic sushi bar, a place serving “melted cheese madness,” and a Vietnamese food truck serving local ingredients. Those are just a few examples, but they demonstrate what’s happened to the city’s food scene, and it’s a good change.

3. A Quiet Casino Scene
The UK and Ireland have played a significant role in spearheading online casino movements over the last couple decades. Thanks in large part to companies based in these areas, players can visit sites and find all of the most popular games they would ordinarily get in a casino. Despite the convenience of these options though, Dublin has held onto a few of these gaming establishments. For a different kind of night out, you can find a quiet place to play cards or try your luck at other games.

4. Nearby Mountains
If you’re visiting Dublin and looking for some time outside aside from in Phoenix Park, you might be very interested to know that the city is actually in very close proximity to a small mountain range. Many people don’t realize this about Dublin, and yet the Wicklow Mountains are right there, easy to enjoy even for just a matter of hours at a time. It’s a beautiful range, and one that you can drive through, hike along, or even pay for a guided tour of if you’d like to learn a bit about the history of the area.

5. A Towering Spire
The Spire of Dublin doesn’t get quite enough attention. It is just what it sounds like, though it’s larger than some might imagine – essentially a skyscraper-sized spike shooting up from the middle of the city. The Spire was built as a result of a competition for monument design won by Ian Ritchie Architects back in 1999. Now it’s one of the defining physical features of the city of Dublin.