Florida: where vacationers galore find pristine sandy beaches, Mickey Mouse, and raucous spring break parties every year. While this describes the Florida many people know, Florida has a different side, too – a wild side, a natural side.
Florida is home to a wealth of wildlife and eco-systems not found anywhere else in the United States. From the third-largest barrier coral reef in the world to the tiny endangered Key Deer or the elusive Florida panther, Florida has much to offer wildlife lovers.
Along with this wildlife come many opportunities for volunteers to help wildlife, residents, and vacationers live in harmony. This list highlights a handful of the many available wildlife-related volunteer opportunities that are unique, rewarding, and important.
Park Your RV And Help The Endangered Key Deer
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service offers free RV camp sites for volunteers who will stay at and work in the National Key Deer Refuge. Volunteer opportunities are also available at the closely associated Crocodile Lake, Great White Heron, and Key West National Wildlife Refuges. The minimum commitment is 24 hours per week for a three month stay.
More info: http://www.fws.gov/nationalkeydeer/volunteers.html