Only in Liverpool

The world has some spectacular attractions that can keep us hopping across continents all year round.
If you feel like staying put in the UK for the time being there are plenty of weird and wonderful things to be getting on with in the action packed city of Liverpool. Here are 6 things you can only do in Liverpool.

Abseil down a Cathedral

Yep that’s right. Only in Liverpool can you visit an iconic landmark, climb right to the very top of it then launch yourself off the highest part and repel to the bottom.
What’s even better in 2017 the activity is helping raise money for charitable organisation Parkinson’s UK. So if you are brave enough you can register and help to fund research for a cure that will change lives.

Visit the childhood homes of The Beatles

There are many tours that will take you to see the outside of Liverpool music legends The Beatles. It’s only with the National Trust that you can actually go inside the childhood homes of John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney. Both homes, Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road, have been maintained in the state they were when the boys lived there.
Johns Aunt Mimi maintained the neat and tidy Mendips, with homely garden and interior whilst Paul’s home is a little more reflective of the lifestyle the boys led. With mismatched wallpapers, clutter and worn out sofas. For any long term Beatle fan or those looking to educate the younger generation on the music idols of their past, The National Trust Beatles home tour is something that you can only do in Liverpool.

Run in the Rock N Roll Marathon

Only in Liverpool would your marathon bib include a token for a free beer at the finish line. Participants are also treated to an awesome rock concert in celebration of their achievements. The headline acts of 2016’s Rock N Roll marathon were Cast, along with a number of other great performances that took place along the entire route of the run. 
True this event can also be attended at a number of cities across the globe but Liverpool is the only UK city to have hosted the event so far.
Sign up this year for your free beer and rock n roll concert.

Spend a weekend dancing in Creamfields

Beginning in 1998 as a fairly average sized festival, organisers could not have imagined the global success Creamfields would bring. Now spanning across the world to cities such as Sydney and Dubai Creamfields is known today as the greatest EDM festival taking place in the UK. Today revellers can watch as the biggest names across all genres of dance music take to mammoth stages laden with the latest and greatest advances in pyrotechnics.
Always on at the end of August and growing each year in popularity Creamfileds is an event that started in Liverpool and conquered the world.  

Enjoy a meal with a footballing legend of the past

So if you are a football fan then the name Bill Shankly should be quite familiar to you. Know for his amazing work with LFC, as he turned the team’s success around to dominate both UK and European football during his management. As you can probably imagine the people of Liverpool hold the memory of Bill Shankly in great esteem. There’s even a Shankly themed hotel in operation managed by his own family members.
Recently, to add to guest experience, technology was put in place that gives fans a chance to sit at the table whilst a holographic representation of Bill Shankly appears to sit alongside them. On top of this the entire lower floor of The Shankly Hotel is a museum dedicated to the memory of the iconic football manager. With items of memorabilia kindly donated by his family dotted about in display cases for all to see.
A perfect place to visit if you love football and in particular appreciate the talents of the greatest football manager in history. 

Celebrate 10 Years of Terror at Farmaggedon

It’s hard to believe that people actually enjoy being terrified so much that this event has now been running for 10 years. Farmageddon invites those who are not of a “nervous or weak disposition” to enter a farm that has been transformed to reflect a zombie apocalypse. You are armed with paintballs and instructed to “aim for head if its moving and dead”. That’s right you actually get to shoot willing zombie volunteers as you rampage through a zombie strewn wasteland.
No doubt along the way you will be terrified out of your wits, but if that’s your bag then get your tickets online. 
So as you can see there’s no need to leave the country in search of thrills. Liverpool is just one of many UK cities filled with interesting, entertaining, and downright terrifying activities. So have yourself a staycation and get your thrill sat home.