Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey

Although most tourists flock to Istanbul for its famed and esteemed historic city centre, it’s quite clear that the fun doesn’t end after the sun sets in the city. Istanbul is host to some of the most diverse and delectable music and culture, so you should take care to make enough time for both sightseeing and enjoying the nightlife.
You can find anything from intimate gypsy hangouts to flamboyant and glitzy clubs. It’s going to be hard to squeeze everything in here, so here is a list of some of our favourite highlights.
If you haven’t found accommodation yet, you can browse through Istanbul hotels with Expedia, just to get your started. Your first port of call should be to walk along the Bosphorus, to check out some of the louder nightclubs on that line the waterway. Of course, nightclubs aren’t the only things to enjoy in Istanbul, as this article aims to demonstrate.
Balik Sokak
Instead of rushing over to the Bosphorus immediately for some Turkish clubbing, you should definitely experience most of the local flavours by visiting Balik Sokak, also known as Fish Street. It’s right next to the Marmara Sea, and is one of the liveliest places to visit at night.
Expect loads of delicious seafood dishes, fresh fish, meze, raki as well as beer. There’ll be live Turkish music, lots of drunk singing and many a moustache to be jealous of!
Nevizade Sokak
 Now that you’ve had your dinner and a bit of raki, you should continue onwards to Nevizade Sokak, a tiny backstreet that is crammed full of bars and more restaurants, in case you’re still peckish.
This is a great spot to head to for some roof terrace drinking, as many of the bars and restaurants here offer some splendid views of the city.
 If dance music isn’t particularly your thing and you feel like seeking out the local guitar talent, a visit to Peyote is definitely be in order. It’s a bar as well as a music label, and hosts bands that blast experimental, psychedelic rock music.
It’s quite possibly the best place to get a sample of the best local bands, but there’s a chance you might see some big international names passing through, too. If you tire of the head banging, you can always investigate the club’s own DJs on the terrace bar.
It’s impossible not to include one of the higher-end nightclubs, so we’re going to mention Reina, a massive complex that comprises of several bars, restaurants that boast excellent cuisine from around the world, as well as multiple dance floors.
Expect a high-end clientele, some of whom arrive by boat. The restaurant is Istanbul’s most expensive, but if you dine there, you won’t have to pay the entrance fee for the club.