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London one of those cities. It is up there with New York and maybe Paris as one of the most alluring capitals in the world. It is a city that pulsates with life day and night. It is a financial hub and a mecca for tourists. It is a truly multicultural city in every sense of the word and world. Travellers arrive here every day trying to make sense of it. London is so vast and deep that the task can seem overwhelming. Where do you start to get in touch with the real London? Is there an easy way? Here are few tips to help you find your bearings and make sense of this great city.
The River Thames.
London is essential carved in two. The great River Thames is the not so dirty old river rolling through it from Twickenham, Richmond and Kew with its magnificent gardens. The river takes you on an iconic historical journey. You’ll pass Chelsea which sits between the river and the infamous Kings Road. On the other side is Battersea and the South Bank. The river flows on past the Palace of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. You’ll see Big Ben, that infamous British landmark and subject of a million pictures, from Turner down to the modern day. The City lies not far from here and that is, of course, one of the great financial hubs of the world.
Shopping and sights.
Whatever you want London has it. Shopping in London is second to none. You’ll find every store you can imagine. From Oxford Street to Knightsbridge, some of the wealthiest patrons in the world come here to get their bargains. Smaller but no less chic and interesting are the boutiques in Chelsea, Kensington and Earls Court. Here you’ll find some of the best restaurants and coolest cafes in the world. They’ll be next door to traditional pubs selling classic English pub food and beer. London is a city filled with contrasts.
But London is all about layers of fascinating history. They’re all around you and it’s easy to miss the significance. Even a short tour with a guide from Touriocity can reveal secrets and give you a personal and fascinating glimpse of this unrivalled city. Tudor mixes with Norman and even Roman. The Tower of London holds an unbelievable sense of history and power. Buckingham Palace is world renowned but it is still something to see the Palace as you approach from the Mall. From St James to Hampton Court and out towards Windsor, British History and London itself are imbued with the presence of the Royal Family.
London is alive and filled with museums, world class art galleries and of course the famous Globe Theatre in the South Bank. From the London Eye to Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly. London has some of the most famous landmarks and sights in the world. Add all of that to a cosmopolitan buzz and unique character. London is a place you have to get in touch with sooner or later.