I’ve decided that having been inspired by the wonders of French cookery through my television I might have to go on a foodie pilgrimage to France to learn, and taste, my way around the great cities and land of food.
I think I’ll start off in Bordeaux and a tipple of the eponymous wine, what a way to start a journey. With over 287,000 acres of vineyards in the region I don’t fear running dry, which could easily happen as summer days are long and hot in this cultivated city.
Next I’ll hop on a flight to Dijon courtesy of Eastern Airways (hopefully I can sleep off any sign that I’m ‘worse for wear’ whilst in the air). Famous for its mustard, the city has shining examples of Gothic and Renaissance architecture which should distract me from eating for long enough to take in some sights. Apparently though it does host a Gastronomic fair every Autumn so maybe if I do enough sightseeing on foot I’ll have burnt off enough calories to indulge a little more.
Then, it’ll be onwards with a flight to Toulouse. This medieval city boasts a proud heritage in Opera and the theatre, not surprising given its stunning classical architecture. In terms of food I believe a sausage cassoulet is a local specialty, along with foie gras – although I’ve never had the stomach for it myself, too cruel.
Which leaves only one place left to catch a flight to if I have time: Nantes. The pilgrimage here is simply due almost entirely to the pleasures of galettes. Having been a long-term fan of crepes to find their more ‘grownup’ cousin has been a delight, so I think a little stop off in their homeland might just be the ticket to a holiday for eating delights, au revoir!