Combining a holiday with your favourite hobby is often a great way to get the most from your time off. From cooking holidays to animal spotting the options are endless. Themed holidays are often especially helpful when planning a trip away with friends, rather than family.
This must be why golf holidays have exploded in popularity in recent years. Beautiful scenery combined with warm weather golf provides a unique and thoroughly relaxing holiday experience. Imagine a summer golf holiday in the Algarve, waking early for a cool game before the midday heat sends you back to the luxury golf club for a cooling drink. has destinations as enticing as Turkey, Spain and the Costa Del Sol, all with sandy bunkers as well as sandy beaches, meaning it’s not all gold buggies and holes-in-one, not unless you want it to be!
golfing holiday
Or why not choose a hotel that combines golf with spa-like luxury, and head to the Sirene Golf Hotel Belek, which combines 5*facilities, a private beach, five restaurants and seven bars, with two excellent courses close by – a golfer’s heaven!
The most important thing when planning a holiday like this however is to go with a company that specialises in golf holidays: a company ran by golfers, for golfers. People who know how to identify not only a comfortable hotel but also a challenging course, why book a golf holiday only to find the course is no better than your usual stomping ground back home. The whole point of a holiday is for it to be special, something to look forward to all year round.
And of course, remember you can always get for a deal if there’s a group of you going. Package deals for groups can provide great savings and mean you can often upgrade to something even more special. Something to suit you to a tee!