Europe’s Best Fishing Locations…

Even if your local fishing spots are excellent for landing decent catches and those challenging fish that are a little wilier than the rest, a change of scenery and different target can do wonders for your enjoyment of this sport.

You don’t even have to go too far out to find some great fishing spots, as there are plenty to be found around Europe. To give you some ideas, particularly if you are looking to book a holiday in the coming year, we will discuss some of the best.

Scotland – The Home of Atlantic Salmon Fishing
Before we start looking across the water to continental Europe, we are stay firmly on British soil. No list about the best fishing spots in Europe (pre-Brexit) would be complete without Scotland being mentioned. There is simply nowhere better, that fishermen in the know hail as the best place to land Atlantic Salmon. What could be better than beautiful scenery and fishing on the Tay, Spey or Dee for that succulent and tasty salmon? Oh, that’s it, all the above plus a wee dram of the good stuff.

Jamtland in Sweden For Whitefish, Trout and Big Grayling
Sweden is full to of excellent places to fish. However, we chose Jamatland because it offers some of the most gorgeous backdrops in the country. With lots of lake, stream and river destinations to choose from, you will have a chance to land a wide range of fish including some of the best brown trout and grayling, along with perch, char pike and whitefish.

Soca River in Slovenia – Marble Trout and Fly Fishing
If you are a big fan of fly fishing, Slovenia is perfect. Whether you fancy taking on the challenge of landing the huge Soca marble trout that the area is famous for (it can be as big as 10lbs) or fancy using the clear waters to your advantage for chub, grayling or rainbow – Slovenia will not disappoint.

Ebro River in Spain – Catfish
A little closer to the UK, the Spanish Ebro River is a popular destination if you want to try and catch something a little more substantial, this is where you can land catfish. Landing one of these beauties would give you all kind of bragging rights and it’s a great achievement in general. You can also fish for carp at this location, and the carp gets mighty big here too.

The Netherlands for Zander
Zander are beautiful fish, there is no denying it. If you fancy taking on the challenge of catching one or more of these distinctive creatures, you need to go to the one place where there is an abundance of them – The Netherlands. There are great levels of stock in both canals and rivers.

Obviously, there are many more places out there that are perfect for fishing. Norway has some of the best cod fishing spots in the world for instance, while France is ideal for carp fishing. Wherever you go though you should invest in bait and other accessories from CarpnBait.