It sounds like a crazy thing to say and maybe we’re tempting fate, but the early summer weather in the UK so far this year has been great! As to whether or not it will persuade the sun-worshipping hordes that descend on the Spanish Costa’s and the like to switch to a UK based break remains to be seen.  Or does it? Travelodge have released their 2014 Holiday Index with some fairly interesting stats. Apparently, the Brits-Abroad figures are showing a bit of a u-turn, in fact the amount of Brits-Not-Going-Abroad has doubled since 2011 and their holiday ‘spends’ is now set to be worth £15bn in 2014. Startlingly, 51% of Brits have multiple short breaks through the year with London and Cornwall topping the Stayation charts. If you need some inspiration to visit some of the top destinations in the UK check out Travelodge’s interactive Guide to Britain:
UK Travel Infographic by Travelodge