From festivals and Glamping to wild camping and even caravanning, camping has come a long way in recent years and many families are now choosing a ‘staycation’ such as these over a holiday abroad. However, any time spent in the great outdoors is always going to be challenge when children are involved and you’ll need to have a few activities for kids in mind to keep them busy in all that boring countryside. So, come rain or shine, take note of these 5 fun ideas to help you minimise the holiday downtime and ensure a whole family of happy campers.

  1. Midnight walks

Part of the adventure of a camping holiday is feeling close to nature, and there’s nothing more venturesome than a walk after dark. Arm the kids with torches and encourage them to shine their lights on interesting aspects of nature such as the bark of a tree, moss on a stone or the sound of an owl hooting from the sky. If this proves too spooky, add some interest to a daytime walk by encouraging your child to make their own map or teach them how to use a compass. Giving your child control or added responsibility will make them more inclined to get involved and make the most of being outside.

Midnight Walks are great for kids
Midnight Walks are great for kids


  1. Capture the moment

Photography is an easy way to capture your child’s imagination, and you don’t have to let them loose with an expensive digital camera to get good results. Disposable single use cameras are not only cheap to buy, they’re incredibly simple to use and there’s nothing quite like the fun of waiting to see just how many photos of feet and fingerprints they’ve managed to capture as you await the film back from the printers.

Children love taking their own pics
Children love taking their own pics

  1. Campfire feasts

A hungry child is rarely a happy child so give your kids the foods they love to eat, with all the fun of a campfire feast. Roasted marshmallows and s’mores are a camping classic, but you don’t need to stop at just dessert. Kebabs, hot dogs and corn on the cobs are all simple, fail-safe dishes that will taste great cooked over a barbeque, while providing all the hands-on fun and instant gratification you need to keep your family satisfied.

Back to Basics - Cooking on a campfire
Back to Basics – Cooking on a campfire

  1. Sticks & Stones

Take advantage of your surroundings with outdoor crafts. Children love to be practical and there are plenty of online ideas of activities for kids to help them explore all that nature has to offer. Look for interesting textures of bark, leaves and pine cones to make rubbings with a wax crayons or help your children build giant sculptures or birds’ nests from any nearby sticks, branches, rocks and hedgerows.

The forest is a playground for kids
The forest is a playground for kids

  1. Scavenger Hunts

There’s nothing like the thought of treasure to get your kids excited, and no better way to have them exploring their surroundings than with a scavenger hunt. Pack a selection of small, inexpensive gifts with you and create a list of the items that they need to search for. Choosing items suited to the trip (torches, disposable camera, whistle, bird-spotting book etc) is a great way to spread out your costs and subtly introduce ideas to your child about activities they may want to engage in.

Child on a scavenger hunt
Kids love scavenger hunts!

Ultimately, a family holiday is all about having fun and spending quality time together, and with these 5 fab ideas you’re sure to have a holiday you’ll all remember for years to come.