Canada’s Wild Side
Canada is home to some of the planet’s most incredible biodiversity, rugged terrain, and peaceful panoramic vistas. There are an estimated 140, 000 different species living within the country’s 9.985 square kilometers (3.855 million square miles), which makes selecting the best vacation spots for the most wildlife a difficult choice. However, four regions offer spectacular vacations, abundant wild life, and beautiful scenery throughout the year.
Canada's Wildlife Locations
Photo Credit
Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia
The Amazon of the North (albeit temperate), the Great Bear Rainforest stretches for more than 250 miles along the Pacific coast of British Columbia. The world’s largest intact rainforest, the Great Bear is an intricate web of diversity and association between ocean, rain, forest, and mountains and popular with hikers and kayakers. Spirit Bears, grizzlies, black bears, and wolves make their home in the forest, but birds like the bald eagle, goshawks, and the marbled murrelets are in ,
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