If you a lover of urban environments, Canada actually has a lot to offer you. You shouldn’t assume that Canada doesn’t have much going for it in that department because that’s simply not true at all. So if you’re tired of the same old cities, and you’re looking for something a little new and interesting, Canada should be your next destination as a gap year traveller. But which Canadian cities are most worth your time? Read on to find out right away; you can then start planning your travels.
Quebec City
Quebec City is the French-speaking capital of Quebec, but you shouldn’t let the language barrier put you off visiting this beautiful and historic city. The Château Frontenac is a place that you can’t and shouldn’t miss because it’s one of the most beautiful and impressive structures in the whole of North America. There is a part of the city known as Old Quebec too; be sure to give that a visit,
As you can see for yourself, the Toronto skyline is simply beautiful, and each of the buildings that stand out are easy to explore for visitors. The CN Tower is the highlight, so be sure to head to the top of it and get a view over the city when you’re in Toronto. The Royal Ontario museum will teach you about the history of the region too, so make sure you stop off there.

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Halifax is located in Nova Scotia, and it has plenty to offer visitors. Downtown Halifax is where you’ll find the arts scene and lots of interesting shops, bars and cafes. However, there’s much else to discover in Halifax if you get bored of that downtown area. Delta Hotels Halifax offer suitable accommodation, and from there you can visit places like the historic fort of Citadel Hill. You can then venture down to the Halifax Harbour.
The Notre-Dame Basilica is perhaps the standout feature of the city of Montreal. It’s a beautiful place of worship, and anyone who appreciates history and architecture should visit it. Then there’s the botanical gardens that are certainly worth your time if you want a break from the urban sprawl. Smoked meat sandwiches are a trademark of the city, so be sure to try them too.
The food and craft beer scene is fantastic in Calgary, so if you’re a foodie and you love beer, there’s no better city in Canada for you to visit. It’s also a very green and pretty city, as the image below ably demonstrates. That’s not something you often get in the urban environment, so it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised by it. And if you visit during winter, you’ll be close to the main ski resorts in the region.

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Canada is known for its mountains and rural spots, but you should never forget about what the rural spots of the country can offer you. Each of the cities that we’ve mentioned here offers you something different as a visitor, and you should be sure to visit them all at one time or another.