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Egypt As a Gap Year Destination

Egypt As a Gap Year Destination The appeal of Egypt as a travel destination, whether it’s for a gap year or a vacation, is a strong one. There are very few places around the world you can get as strong a sense of culture and history as you can in Egypt. It’s the home of …


Zanzibar in 10 Amazing Insightful Pictures

A PhotoEssay of Zanzibar Perched off the coast of Tanzania, the tropical paradise of Zanzibar even sounds like a location worthy of a Bounty chocolate bar commercial. For armchair travellers, there’s nothing better than a quick photoessay to get the wanderlust going…do enjoy and share if you want to go on the next flight…   …

Africa Gap Year Destinations

10 Beautiful Red Sea Hotels

10 Beautiful Red Sea Hotels Visiting Egypt is always a treat and many people return as often as possible. Aside from the fabulous antiquities, pyramids and markets there is the glorious Red Sea: warm, crystal clear water, abundant marine life flitting through the vibrant coral and soft white sandy beaches where you can relax and …