Africa is a continent like no other. From the arab influenced northern countries in the north (such as Morocco, Algeria and Egypt) through the tropical centre complete with pristine rainforest and home to countless flora and fauna and down to the temperate south, characterised by the varied landscape of South Africa where vines produce some of the finest wines in the world…

Egypt As a Gap Year Destination

Egypt As a Gap Year Destination

The appeal of Egypt as a travel destination, whether it’s for a gap year or a vacation, is a strong one. There are very few places around the world you can get as strong a […]

Donald Trump Refers to Namibia as Nambia! 10 Facts About the Real Namibia

Come On Donald – It’s Namibia Not Nambia
On Wednesday U.S. President Donald Trump erroneously referred to the southern African nation of Namibia as ‘Nambia’, a country that doesn’t exist, twice in a speech to African leaders in New York. In fact, […]

Sightseeing In South Africa: The Best Places To Visit

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Whether you’re backpacking through Johannesburg or staying in a luxury hotel in Kuoni there are some places in South Africa that you won’t want to miss when you’re on your trip. Offering the most spectacular ‘once in a lifetime […]

Zanzibar in 10 Amazing Insightful Pictures

A PhotoEssay of Zanzibar
Perched off the coast of Tanzania, the tropical paradise of Zanzibar even sounds like a location worthy of a Bounty chocolate bar commercial. For armchair travellers, there’s nothing better than a quick photoessay to get the wanderlust […]

Stunning Ideas for a Destination Wedding – Morocco? Kenya? Italy?


Morocco is one of the most favorable short haul destinations outside Europe that enjoys pleasant weather all year round, is rich in culture, boasts ancient cities to explore hand in hand and is home to miles […]

An Egyptian Oasis: Discover the Bedouin Mystery

Oases have historically provided respite and a resting place for travelling caravans of Bedouin people in Egypt. The Oases of Egypt rise out of the arid desert, like lush and verdant miracles. They have attracted curious travellers and Egyptians since […]

10 Beautiful Red Sea Hotels

10 Beautiful Red Sea Hotels

Visiting Egypt is always a treat and many people return as often as possible. Aside from the fabulous antiquities, pyramids and markets there is the glorious Red Sea: warm, crystal clear water, abundant marine life flitting […]

Talk Like an Egyptian – Basic Phrases to Use in Egypt

An increasing amount of people take language lessons in a foreign tongue ahead of their precious holiday at night school, usually in Spanish, Italian and French.

However, as the likes of Sharm el Sheikh, Hurgada and Nile Cruises are becoming more […]

More to Egypt than Pyramids – Introducing Abu Simbel

The pyramids are usually the first thing that comes to mind when picturing Egypt. Stunning as they are, right in the midst of heaving Cairo and teeming with touts the magic can be a little lost by the time you […]

The Top 5 South African Restaurants in London (and Chester!)

Top 5 South African Restaurants in London (and Chester!)
It is widely accepted that the face of global cuisine has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.  Not that long ago, our concept of global cuisine didn’t stretch beyond an Indian […]