The USA have 51 states or is that 52 if you include Hawaii? Head north from there and you have Canada, a land of icy cold winters, caribou and some of the friendliest folk on the planet!

A Trio of the Most Spectacular Sites in California

California is a gold mine of sites and adventures considered must-do’s when traveling to the West Coast. From the magnificent coastline and the mountain ranges to the desert region, California has unique sites that attract tourists by the millions each […]

Fancy Going to Long Island?

Planning Your Affordable Trip to Long Island

Are you looking to plan an affordable trip to the East Coast any time soon? First thing you need to cross off your to-do list is booking a Long Island hotel. After this, then […]

The New York Version of Jamaica – 4 Things to See & Do

4 Great Ways to Pass the Time in Jamaica, NY

Jamaica is a decidedly middle class neighbourhood in Queens, New York. It has very little in common with its namesake, the island some 1,600 miles away, but there are many reasons […]

The World’s Hardest Cycling Competitions

Some people head abroad for pleasure, others for business. But there are a select few who travel to the farthest reaches of the planet to find the toughest cycling competitions known to man. Sound like something you’d be interested in? […]

48 Hours in New York City on $100

Being one of the most visited cities in the world, New York does not need an introduction. Cosmopolitan, exciting, hectic, and with some of the most impressive urban landscape in the world, New York City charms tourists and residents alike. […]

New York on a Budget

Travelling to New York is on many people’s bucket list, but the city is notoriously expensive – just ask any resident New Yorker. Finding reasonable flights and accommodation is the first hurdle, but this is easily overcome by booking through […]

Visiting San Diego

Visiting San Diego
The USA is a vast country and one which would take you a long time to cover unless you had the funds to fly from destination to destination; but then you wouldn’t get to embrace the scenery or […]

3 Things to do in Colorado’s Undiscovered Paradise: Westcliffe

3 Things to do in Colorado’s Undiscovered Paradise: Westcliffe
It’s no secret that Colorado is one of the United States’ premier vacation destinations. Whether you’re looking for winter adventure on some of the finest ski mountains on earth or you’re eyeing […]

Touring Holidays In The USA – What Are The Advantages?

The USA is a very, very big country and if you decide that you want to go away on holiday here then it can be really hard to decide which coast you want to go to, let alone […]

Why Go On a Las Vegas Club Crawl

Many people wonder where the best clubs are located throughout America. There are many great nightclubs located throughout the country but the best clubs in the US are located right in Vegas. There are many reasons why Vegas is home […]