One’s big and red, surrounded by amazing beaches and tropical rainforest and then there’s New Zealand, land of the Maori and everybody’s second favourite country on the planet!

Aussie Quiz – How Much Do You Really Know About the Land Down Under?

There are many stereotypes which surround Australia, some of which are a little closer to life Down Under than others. Is it really a land of sunny beaches, barbeques every day, and kangaroos hopping around everywhere?

Austravel set out to find out […]

Golf in Australia – The Lowdown on Golfing Down Under

Golfing in the Great Outdoors of Australia
Golf is a sport best experienced in person, a televised experience just doesn’t cut it; so how about heading down under for a golfing sojourn, after all you’re bound to have the weather on your […]

Top 10 Things to do in Auckland, New Zealand

True, you’re most likely to arrive in to the land of the long white cloud, or Aotearoa to be culturally correct, into the modern city of Auckland. Not only is New Zealand a million miles from anyway and therefore a […]

Campervan Hell in Western Australia

Hiring a campervan sounded like the perfect option for our huge road trip from Perth to Darwin, covering the length of the wild and rugged state of Western Australia. The freedom to go where we wanted when we wanted was […]

Part 2 Globodave’s Guide to Backpacker Jobs and How to Find Work When Travelling

Part 2 – Globodave’s Guide to Backpacker Jobs and How to Find Work When Travelling!
Welcome to the second installment of my guide to finding work abroad in the guise of a backpacker – you’ll find part 1 here. This shorter section will […]

Looking For Something Out Of The Ordinary? Sydney’s Most Outrageous Adventures

Sydney is a city with so much to offer, and no wonder it’s an incredibly popular holiday destination. But what if you desire something a little bit out of the ordinary? Not a problem because Sydney caters for that as […]

Visiting Australia

Australia is a fantastic country to visit and for most Europeans it can be an expensive journey. The flights are the epitome of long haul and also command a pretty penny, so if you go to visit this part of […]

Kiwi Madness – Heliskiing in New Zealand

Skiing in New Zealand? Most definitely, and you won’t need to drive far from Christchurch to take advantage of raw slopes that will challenge even the best skier. In fact, you can journey so far off the beaten path that […]

Backpacking Interview with Australia’s Travel Tart

What are the 3 most important things in your backpack?
The backpack itself, my camera and my remote controlled fart machine. Actually, not the last one, because the fart machine looks like a remote controlled explosive device, and I’m not game […]

I really miss living in New Zealand!

I really miss living in New Zealand! The latest promo video from the team Pure New Zealand says it all:

It’s so fresh, so unspoilt, so outdoorsy….

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