Honeymoon coming up? Try Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination
There are plenty of amazing honeymoon destinations all over the planet that you and your spouse can choose from, but Costa Rica is definitely considered one of the very best. In fact, many […]

Seafood for Travellers – From Panama to Japan

If you are a fan of food, there are certain countries that you have to visit. For example, no self-respecting foodie can label themselves a foodie without tasting the food on offer in France. Italy and Spain are two other […]

Top 5 Places For Backpackers To Visit In Mexico.

Mexico is one of the favorite destinations of travellers around the globe, having some places that can be considered a mochilero´s dream but wait… what does mochilero mean? Mochilero is that traveller who seeks adventure and travels light, in other […]

Travelling in Mexico: What to See in Two Weeks in Mexico?

Let’s go Mexico…
Two weeks is barely enough time to get to know Mexico but you can certainly give it a shot. It’s a big place and there’s plenty to see so you’re better off making an itinerary that includes plenty […]

The World’s Hardest Cycling Competitions

Some people head abroad for pleasure, others for business. But there are a select few who travel to the farthest reaches of the planet to find the toughest cycling competitions known to man. Sound like something you’d be interested in? […]

Cancun Activities to Make Your Visit Worth Every Penny

Cancun Activities to Make Your Visit Worth Every Penny
Honestly, if you’re planning on going to Cancun, you should just get up and book your flights already; it really is a great place to get away from it all. Cancun isn’t […]