Wandering around Europe for 6 to 12 months might be expensive but the rewards will be many. Perhaps a romantic walk through Paris, a delicious meal in Tuscany, or skiiing in the Alps. Europe is a continent so diverse you couldn’t possibly digest it’s highlights in 12 months – or could you?

The Best Nights Out in London this Autumn

The Best Nights Out in London this Autumn

Whether you’re a first-time visitor, or a city-dweller looking for a new form of evening entertainment, there’s certainly no shortage of exciting things to do and see in London in the upcoming months. […]

Countryside Locations with the Best Walking Trails in UK

The British countryside has many spectacular locations for walking, whether your preference is for gentle, rolling hills or dramatic mountainsides, sandy beaches or ancient woodlands. We’ve picked some of the best so you can get out there and explore. Check […]

Caravan Holidays – Day Trip Ideas in UK National Parks

Caravan holidays in the UK are definitely on the increase, especially for families. It’s a far cheaper,  hassle-free alternative to packing up the children for a trip overseas – perhaps on a budget airline where weight and size of luggage […]

Barcelona – Surviving the Mighty La Ramblas

What to expect in Barcelona’s busiest and noisiest strip!
Las Ramblas – The Central Strip
La Ramblas of Barcelona –  the long street that flows right through the middle of the city, is one of Barcelona’s most prominent sights. Due to its vibrant […]

What & Where to Eat Out in Dubrovnik – Prijatno!

Prijantno indeed!
That’s the local Dubrovnik equivalent of ‘bon appetit’ for the unaccustomed.  With the seafood spoils of the Dalmatian Coast on it’s doorstep and the neighbouring nation of Italy playing such an epicurean and cultural influence, it’s little wonder Dubrovnik’s […]

An Indepth Travel Guide to Newquay in Cornwall

Formerly known as Towan Bilstra until the 15th Century when a ‘New Quay’ was built, Newquay is Cornwall’s premier tourist destination. The bustling resort of Newquay epitomises everything that’s so wonderful about British seaside resorts.  In this article I will […]

Five Things to do in London – From Dungeons to Dining

Five Things In London You Need To Do Right Now!

Okay, so perhaps you’re unable to get to London right this second, but whether you’re in the UK or far off lands, the next time you’re there, this is what you […]

Brits Not Going Abroad Now Worth £15billion to UK Economy

It sounds like a crazy thing to say and maybe we’re tempting fate, but the early summer weather in the UK so far this year has been great! As to whether or not it will persuade the sun-worshipping hordes that […]

What to Pack for a Trip to London

London is one of the most popular cities for travellers. If you are planning a week-long trip or just taking one of the many London day tours in the near future, you have to start preparing early. The most important […]

Cornwall – Better than the Spanish Costa’s

It’s tucked away in the corner of the UK and hides a multitude of surprises from outstanding beaches (5 awarded the Blue Flag), lush rolling countryside (the kind that evokes a certain romanticism in overseas visitors), plenty of dairy cows and […]