Wandering around Europe for 6 to 12 months might be expensive but the rewards will be many. Perhaps a romantic walk through Paris, a delicious meal in Tuscany, or skiiing in the Alps. Europe is a continent so diverse you couldn’t possibly digest it’s highlights in 12 months – or could you?

A Guide to Nightlife in Istanbul: Culture and Nightlife

Although most tourists flock to Istanbul for its famed and esteemed historic city centre, it’s quite clear that the fun doesn’t end after the sun sets in the city. Istanbul is host to some of the most diverse and delectable […]

Why Tenerife is the Best Canary Island

A Spanish archipelago that sits closer to Africa than it does to Europe, boasts 13 islands and is the proud owner of a sub tropical climate it isn’t surprising that many of us jet off to the Canary Islands throughout […]

Travelling Spain on a Budget

Spain is a very popular holiday destination for every type of person, from the young single traveller, to the parents travelling with kids, right up to the elderly tourist looking for somewhere to relax. And it’s not difficult to see […]

Benefits of A Holiday Home in Nefyn, North Wales

In the Llyn
My family and I have been visiting Nefyn on the Llyn Peninsula for the past 25 years.  In fact, my in-laws have a holiday home there and since retirement probably spend the better half of the year in […]

Top Honeymoon Destinations

Considering that your honeymoon is going to be one of the most romantic and memorable times of your life, why wouldn’t you celebrate it in style?

Still, you don’t want to go to a place where everyone else spends their honeymoon. […]

Getting Through London in a Day

With so much to see and do in London, you’d think it crazy to perhaps have just one day to do as much as possible; but sometimes, when time isn’t on our side and we need to get clever, we […]

Make the Most of Your Weekends

Enjoy that holiday feeling over the weekend

5pm on a Friday; It’s the time of the week we all look forward to. The end of another working week and the chance to unwind is finally upon us, yet we all know […]

Exploring the Highlights of Belgium

The likes of France, Italy and Spain are among the most popular destinations when considering a tour of a European country, but Belgium is certainly one place that makes for a worthwhile visit and can offer many

A Guide to a villa Holiday in Tenerife

The Canary Islands, unbeknown to some, is just off the coast of Africa and so offers year round sunshine. But, having been under Spanish rule, it offers the attractions of a top European resort.

Tenerife is probably the most popular of […]

See Venice Without The Crowds

Venice is one of those cities that feature on many people’s bucket lists of cities. And when you do get to visit this famous Italian city, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a city that is beautiful and unique, thanks to […]